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How Is Your Relationship … details
How Is Your Relationship … details
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My friend is planning to buy a flat. But there is a cemetry just very near to the flat just 100 mts away..Is it advisable to buy the flat?   …full advice
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plz tell me whether all biotique products are 100% chemical free and can we use biotique pista pack daily   …full advice
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I am a 33 yr old married lady doing part time MS in the US.One of my classmates is a cute 23 yr old Indian student.He has asked me out for a dinner date.Must I make it clear to him I am only for a date not sex?I dont want him to set wrong expectations.Hubby says it is unnecessary as the classmate knows I am married and wont any way ask for it.He thinks What do you suggest?   …full advice
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My son has never been good in studies. Some how he got through an arts degree but he can’t get a job with that. He is good with painting. He is a very nice & simple person. We don’t know much about businesses so bit scared to start any business. The major problem we are facing now is most of our relatives come to our house and show off that their children are doing excellent and they keep aski   …full advice
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I did not have my period for the last 5 months so I went to visit my Dr. & when she physically examined me she said that my womb felt enlarged. Can missing your period for this length of time result in womb enlargement   …full advice
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