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Sky is the limit


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I find that in Computer Section some answers are really silly and does not pertain to the question asked. It seems that the rating is given based on the length of the answer rather than on the usefulness of the answer. Can check to see that answers are rated only on their being useful rather than on stupid criteria like the length.   …full advice
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Hi Ammas, Regards to you all. I have a query...When I tried for voice chat for the 1st time with my son who is abroad, the computer says, " Your computer audio input is used by other application." Mic cord and speaker are attached to the CPU properly only. I am very much upset....I donot know what to do. What could be the reason? Could anyone help me please?   …full advice
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Looks like ammas council members - most of them don't have their own recipes. When someone gives their own recipe then why do you want the "source".or " link"... If you think it is from some source then why don't your write in your comment the the recipe is from this source. Does Ammas rule say that you have to give the recipe from some website only?   …full advice
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Hi all- I will be going to chennai this december (during my India trip) and I will get a day to do some shopping. I don't know any one from chennai. I would like to know some shops for dresses (Indian). I will not be able to make too many stops either. Since I have only a day to get around, can you tell me top 3 or 4 places you shop and always were pleased with the selection aswell as price. I   …full advice
Query closed
I would like to buy a 22ct Gold necklace with (studded) Pearls & Corals. I heard buying Jewellery with Pearls/Corals is not good idea as they weigh the gold including Pearls/Corals when we buy the gold and they exclude Pearls/Corals when we want to sell/change them. Is that true? Please advise me? If it’s a good idea to buy Jewellery with studded Pearls/Corals?   …full advice
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