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~Astrology...Vedic Science~
-- Dr.Anjna Agarwal

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Dear Dr. Anjna, Hi! Thanks for your time. Yes we both are very well committed to each other.No we are from different caste, i am kayastha ans she is some other caste. Please can you advise is dere any remedy for our horoscopes that we can perform before marriage. Thanks again Vipul
-- Vipul   11/30/09
Thank you so much...
-- Anonymous   11/29/09
Thanks for your valuable time and efforts. We really appreciate the care and concern which is clearly reflecting in your answer. However, we really love each other a lot and are ready for all remedies to be followed. Moreover, does Guna / points really matter so much? We dont disgree with their importance, but cant we have any way out? Our other 2 queries are still unanswered. We will be greatly thankful, if you can give light on those points again which we are mentioning once again: 1. We are worried if it is creating any Naadi Doshh and Shadashtak Yog. (As per our understanding - it should be Priti Shadashtak and Naadi Dosh should not exists since I belong to 1st Charan of Rohini Nakshtra and she belongs to 2nd Charan of Swati Nakshtra) 2. I want to confirm if the Dosh really exists. If so, which all remedies we can practice to avoid any negative consequences and make our Marriage Life Truly Successful from every aspect. Awaiting for your reply. Thanking you.
-- Anonymous   11/29/09
Thnx mam for your valuable advice but still there is a query in my mind which stone is suitable for me plz tell me the same and am currently wearing 13 mukhi rudraksh from 2004, and from today am starting chanting rahu mantra....
-- vipul tiwari   11/26/09
Dear Dr. Anjana, Thanks a lot for very positive answer. It gives me kind of relief and hope for better future. Regards, Ajay Jaiswal
-- Ajay   11/26/09
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