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-- preeja devan


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remedies for making skin pure white colour...
My baby is dark complexioned by birth!...
two members of family pregnant at same time...
The best bleaching cream...
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Q: thankyou for ur response,actually what happened is that after doing fruit facial with tan pack,i got rashes on either side of my face,hence my skin doctor advised me to go for peeling rather than facial.i wanted to know whether peeling also cud gimme allergic reactions just as it really safe,mine is an oily skin.
-- nilu, india Apr 27 09
A: Not excatly.peeling it every good of the skin.It prevents ageing and also tigtines the skin.Anyday peeling ia a better option.Normally facial wont causes rashes.aYou should go for the branded ones or you can mix fruits like grapes and appale & add with multani mitti.It is very good for the skin

Q: i have avarage skin colour, pls can any one provide remedies for making skin pure white colour Thanks nikita
-- Nikita, New Jercey Apr 27 09
A: Complection is the gift of god.It cannot be tranformed fully.You can create a glow on your sking by applying some natural packs.Mix turmeric lime juse and papaya pulp.It will bring a glow on ur face .Thereby allows you to look brighter.You can also apply turmeric & milk daily.Turmeric helps to improve tour complexion.You can go for face massaging with an ayurvedic oil called kumkumaadhi leepanam(It is an oil made out of saffron.It is avalible in ayurvedic stores)It will help to brighten the complexion and will remove any scar or blemishes

Q: me and my husband we are not dark but my baby is very dark so i am very worried for her
-- sonia, INDIA Apr 28 09
A: The babys face and colour wll change day by day.It is not mandatory that your baby should be black in color only.You can apply a baby oil called nalpamarathi oil.It is avaliable in kottakkal stores(Kottakkal arya vaidia shala).It is there in dubai also.It is an ayurvedic oil for the babies.It contains 4 essential oils needed for the babys.It will definitaly brightens her skin

Q: Hi Amma, my self and my sisterinlaw both are pregnant at the same time. I heard that if two family members are pregnant at the same time they should not see each other till the delivery is over. Please suggest.
-- Sri Vidya, India Apr 28 09
A: Hey u are living in the 21st century dear.Nothing will happen like that.Pls dont think too much.Be healthy and think healthy.

Q: The advice provided in this site was very useful and i need a help again. We have function at home tomorrow so My sister wants to know which is the best Bleaching cream that can make her face bright
-- Harshini, India May 12 09
A: Jolean is a very good bleach for getting an immedeate effect.Take care that after your bleach just massage your face for at least 5-10 mnts.You can also prepare a bleach at home and can used on a daily basis.Mix few drops of lemon & tomato n almond oil.Apply it over the face and wash it after half an hour.You will really get a brighter face

Q: Srinivas: DOB 27-11-1980, 1.20 AM, Vishakapatnam Deepti: DOB 18-9-1984, 6.40 AM, Kakinada. Problems are arising while trying to fix the match. What are the causes. Is there any chance ofr them to get married. If yes whendid it can be done what is the feature of the couple if married What is the auspecious time for their marriage
-- Prabhakara Rao Kuppili, Srikakulam Dist May 12 09
A: Hi Prabhakara Rao, Marriages are made in hevan.The horoscopes are not matching perfectly.It dosent mean that they will have a full problematic kind of married life.Ask the bride and bride groom to take the fasting of goddess vaishnavi.According to the chart, it is better to wait for 8 months for the marriage to happen.

Q: Hi Astrologers, I’m facing problem and pain. I lost my job last Thursday (April 30th. 2009) in USA. I’m Indian citizen and here I’m on H1-B so I’ve to find job very very soon with two months otherwise I’ve to return back. Situation, here is very tough, there are few jobs and companies are not willing to hire H1-B candidates. If they’ve to hire then they’re taking their sweet time to make sure that they can do through research to find US candidates. My future seems to be very uncertain now. Last year also, I got stuck in Canada for almost 5 months due to the visa revalidation. I’m not getting settled and focus to grow and make my career but, I’m just moving from here to there like a pawn. Please advice what should I do? Below are my details: Name: Rajeev Verma Place of Birth: Jammu (Jammu and Kashmir) Date of Birth:20 May, 1976 Time of Birth: 09:50 pm (night). Kind regards, Rajeev
-- Rajeev Verma, United States May 12 09
A: Hi Rajeev, I have examined your chart.You will get a job by the end of 2009 but you will get a v.good job to settle down only by 2010.If you are taking a vecation go home and try to do a navagraha pooja.Or at least conduct a pooja to satisfy loard rahu and saturn.Or you can ask your family in india to conduct this for you.But do it with 100%confidence and belief.Satisfying the stars will definitely brings you a great relief

-- dhara, guj,ind May 14 09
A: I know the difficulty of having hyper pigmentation.The best thing is to consult a dermatologist.You will be provided with an oilment and some vitamin tablets which will help you in that.You have not mentioned your age.If your pigmentation is less mix almond oil with lemon juse and massage v. nicely on the affected areas Regards Preeja

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Here is the question: Who is the richest man in the world

-- Anonymous, Nigeria May 18 16
A: The richest man in the world is the man with a good hear and peace of mind. You will find those type oof people (yogis) in the Himalaya( I mean a true Yogi ,even todday we can see them in India). The are the most contented people in the world and the richest


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