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Dear ammas, what is your honest opinion about the tradition of elongating earlobes for wearing large earpieces? I am from Tamil Nadu and have been a fan of this tradition since childhood. I always wanted my wife to have elongated earlobes touching her shoulders and adorned with large traditional earpieces. From the early days of our marriage I have been telling my wife about my desire to have her   …full advice
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(ref. to some earlier postings) Recently I have seen your post in AMMAS.COM. I am a housewife and also experience the same situation. My Mother-in-law and husband are forcing me to stretch my ear lobe to wear traditional ornaments. Initially I was against this and recently I started a liking towards wearing these. But I don't know , how I would look in these traditional ornaments and stretched lob   …full advice
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Dear Ammas, I am a 26 year old housewife from Tamil Nadu. My grand motherinlaw has elongated earlobes and wear large tondatis in them. These tondatis are family property handed over to her by her motherinlaw. It is believed to bring good luck to the family of the wearer. She has been wearing it since her marriage at the age of 18. She could not continue the tradition by handing it over to next   …full advice
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Dear Amma, I belong to Kerala. In olden days women of all casts in Kerala elongated their earlobes and wore large circular ornament called thoda in them. Both my grandmother and my husband's grandmother have elongated earlobes and wear thoda. But this custom has become extinct for more than 50 years. All women with elongated earlobes are now very old. Neither my mother nor my husband's mother   …full advice
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