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-- pavan kaushik

pavan kaushik

namaskar,my name is dr pavan kaushik i am profeesional astrologer and vaastu expert working in hyderbad,mumbai,delhi,jaipur,calcutta,as well as out of india also ,i belive that know one change any persons fate but can guide you in such a way that you can have some remedies to done by yourself you can change your luck by my remedies but i cannot change your luck i can only show you the path


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Respected Ammas, I am going to Paint my bedroom. Would you please suggest the colour will be be good and lucky for me. My Details are My Details: D.O.B :17/08/1977 Time : 5:10 pm (17:10) Place : Srinagar (Jammu & Kashmir) Sex : Male Thanks & Regards   …full advice
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I was born on 27th June 1979 at 11am in Mumbai. I am working abroad and i dont want to go back to India. When will i get married? I am having a lot of trouble getting married. There are two suitors-one who wants to go back to India, he is very well qualified and smart. The other doesnt mind staying abroad, but is not good looking and his family is not well off. Both are very close friends of mine,   …full advice
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Respected Astrologers, Could you please match the following horoscopes? Girl: January 11, 1980, Mumbai 19:24 hrs Boy: September 19, 1978, New Delhi 23:46 hrs I am the girl in consideration. I would also like to seek your valuable opinion whether horoscope matching is a must for me before finalizing a match? Are there any indications of severe problems in my marital life? Thanks very muc   …full advice
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Birth time 1510. Date 19/06/1977. Place of Birth :Jaipur(Rajasthan). I have Kal surp dosh and does not get credit as per my work. 1)What are the ways (if any) of getting rid of this Dosh. 2)I want to move on with my career, do I have a promotion in near future.   …full advice
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Male DOB 18.8.2007 tob: 10.50 a.m POB : New Delhi I want to know future predictions, special yoga or dosa if any. I want to know his relation with father and mother, father's family and mother's family members. Any foreign travel ? I thank in advance and request all astrologers in to bless my son.   …full advice
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