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Rahu and sun in10th results into good bad effects may be from any other angle. - Jan 23 2008

PLACEMENT OF SUN AND RAHU IN 10TH HOUSE (HOW IT EFFECTS) First of all let us discuss the 10th lord ,your 10th lord Venus is posited there in the 8th house shows the initial break in your profession, but it is at the 11th from itself shows that your desires regarding profession will be fulfilled.there is also an exchange between 10th and 8th house,shows the scope of heigh rank,jupiter(retrograde) the protecter is also giving blessings to the 10th lord and 10th house also is the saviour factor here for profession, but the jupiter has also the aspect on the 6th house will give you scope for compettion and you will rise with the help of compettions,and the jupiter also has the aspect on mar will give u landed property also. …more

Detailed Style Of Prediction. - Jan 12 2008

- -------------Art of prediction----------- Dear Readers,I want to publish the query and its answer as now a days there is a great problem faced by the people residing abroad. The couple is residing in US and these are the particulars. wife:born on 6th feb.1976 at 6.45 am,pob is Kota(Raj) Husband:born on 7th dec.1970 at 3.45 am,pob,Babai(Mp) The couple is facing the problem in having the green card issued. Ipredicted the problem in this way,one cant get benefit from this method. …more

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