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Helping You; Help Yourselves..!
-- Vibhuti Ganesh

Helping You; Help Yourselves..!

Namaste to all.

Those who know Astrology can only indicate in a way what will take place in future. Who else, except the Creator Brahma can say with certainty what will exactly happen?

It is more than 25 years now, I have been sincerely indulging in horoscope interpretation. I have assessed a couple of thousand charts, so far. Besides vedic astrology, I have also laid my hands on various occult and mystic subjects. My interest has thus spread to other subjects like Palmistry, Tarot, Psychic Readings, Reiki, Face Reading, Astral Projection etc.

My spirit and life mission of 'Helping People to Yield Optimum Rewards of their Potential' has been the binding glue in my multidimensional areas of interest. It has been the guiding force in all my endeavors.

Over a period of time I have come across findings of many peculiar weaknesses, 'Doshas' disturbing and sucking people. I could also witness efficacy of certain remedial measures for mitigating these 'doshas'.

I try to co-relate and synchronize the ancient astrological principles to the needs and format of the current society.My way of processing prediction is simple - I analyze the question first; find out the relevant houses and planets for different dimensions of the issue and make out inferences.

For better response :- Please write your query clearly focusing the main problem. Vedic Remedies can be recommended if your Religion, Caste and Gender are known. And above all, Please indicate clearly Your Gender, Date of Birth, Time of Birth (am/pm) and Place of Birth.


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Date of Birth: 28-08-1972
Time of Birth:19h30
Place of Birth:novara, italy

Hello. Date of Birth: 28-08-1972 Time of Birth:19h30 Place of Birth:novara, italy Gender:male I am never married, no children. My main goal is to attain moksha through learning and investigating. As I mentioned elsewhere, I want to make my scholarly work public as it gets completed. I am not do   …full advice

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Date of Birth: 2-2-1974
Time of Birth:5:10am
Place of Birth:Firozpur, Punjab, India

Currently living in Sacramento, California My DOB February 2, 1974, 5:10AM, Firozpore, Punjab, India. My wife's DOB: December 19, 1978, 7:17am, Delhi, India My query is related to my profession. I am giving some history related to my question hoping this would be helpful. I am at an   …full advice

Query closed
Date of Birth: 09-06-74
Time of Birth:11:15 a.m.
Place of Birth:Chennai

Delay in marriage for my close relative. His DOB:9th June 1974, place: chennai, time 11:15 a.m. When exactly will he get married? What will be personality of girl he will marry? Fair/Wheatish/Dark; Short/tall; Working / housewife; Well educated / less educated; Same caste or other caste;   …full advice

Query closed
I want an in depth vedic astrology analysis, and I want to be able to ask questions to astrologer, I don't mind paying fees, as long as analysis is correct and accurate. 9th August 1982 2:45am Coventry England Female.   …full advice
Query closed
HI, I like to know about to follow rituals at eclipse time.we used to follow them.not to eat at that time, take a bath after eclipse, wash clothes and bed sheets, wash idols in pooja room,mop house etc. now a days , becoming very stressful to do these things/ rituals to follow in overseas. then, what we have to do? if we wont do any harm for us? pls clarify my doubts. here people westerns , the   …full advice
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