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mrs Ram
-- mrs.ram s


good pediatrician in Delhi...
what are the best solid foods for a 4 months old baby...
I want varlakshmi vratam katha and pooja process book so that i can download...
I am Kannadiga. Can pregnant women finish her Mangala gowri pooja with giving Ba...
"girija kalyanam" sung by sri Ghantasala &others...
what is the sankalpam that we have to recite...
Lyrics of Om Jai Jagadish Hare......
Important job interview...


Q: Can you pls recommend a good pediatrician in Delhi? Not from web search but only from personal experience, please.
-- Anonymous, United States Aug 27 07
A: hi anonymous,

with my personal experience,the best pediatrician in Delhi is Dr.Vinita Gulati her address is:B-98,Defence Colony and her clinic timings are from morning 9am to 12 Noon and evening 4:30pm to 6:30pm and Sundays r closed.WE have to take prior appointment before consulting book appointment call:011-41551266. she cares infants and kids a excellent doctor.. thanks, sudha

Q: what are the best solid foods for a 4 months old baby.
-- Seshu, India Aug 27 07
A: hi seshu,

its best to start with rice cereal to rice is easily digestible to infants.start with 1 scoop of rice cereal which is well diluted with water(imp).

its better to give breastfeeding until the baby is atleast 5 months old...if u want to wean ur baby...u can try for above...

all the best

Q: I want varlakshmi vratam,katha and pooja process book so that i can download them now please help me ASAP.
-- Anonymous, Unknown Aug 29 07
A: Hi anonymous.

u can download it from…

thanks ss

Q: Thanks for ur adivise, I am not Telugu, am Kannadiga. Can pregnant women finish her Mangala gowri pooja with giving Baagina at 5th year?
-- manju, uae Aug 30 07
A: hi manju,

if ur running in ur 6th month...then u cant do this pooja... as it is equal to delivery..time.. if ur before 6th month...then u can..perform pooja...but..dont offer fruit to anyone...(it equals giving ur baby to someone).. this is what the answer i got from the elders... if u cant in 5th year u can do the next year dont of luck..

-- suryaprakasam venkata, India Nov 26 07
A: Hi,

try in this site...

i found girija kalyanam song....……… There is also a website devoted to Ghantasala,…

if the above sites wont let u get the enough info..pls You can contact them on how to get the song. Contact information is on this page:…

You can also listen to a lot of other Ghantasala songs on that page. There is a kalyanam song from Ratnagiri Rahasyam on that page, but I don't think that's the one you are looking for.

try these sites also…



Q: hello can any one help me what is the sankalpam that we have to recite in united states of america like name of this khandam,the mountains that cover,the rivers that flow here so india we recite the sankalpam as bharathavarshe,bharathakhande,srisail isanya madhyapadeshe and so on,but i dont know what we have to say here.could any one tell about thi.
-- lavanya ganduri, United States Apr 16 08
A: hi lavanya,

Some priests in the USA say the following instead of the above: ?krouncha dweepE, RamaNaka VarshE, Aindra KhaNDE, Prasaantha SaagarE, Pushkara KshEtrE, Raakkee-Mickelnee ParvatayO: MadhyaPradEsE, Missipi-missouri ithyaadhi anEka shOdasa jeeva nadheenaam sameepa sthitha, samastha dEvataa gO braahmaNa, Hari-guru CharaNaaravinda Sannidhou, MerO: UttarE PaarsvE? -------------------------------------------------------- This does not seem necessary because the whole Bhoo lOkam (of which USA is only a part) lies South to the legendary Meru mountain. ---------------------------------------------------------- [vide: Question: "Kovido america gathva sankalpam keedrusham kruthaha". Which means how a learned man performs sankalpam when he goes to America? Answer: "yathaahi poorvajairuktham manasaa bhaarathey sthithaha". which means as said by our elders staying in India through "mind"] -------------------------------------------------------- Then, Continue: asmin vartamAnE vyAvahArikE, PrabhavAdi shashTi samvatsarANAm madhyE, TAARANA nAma samvatsarE, DakshiNAyaNE, Varsha Ritou, SRAAVANA mAsE, Sukla pakshE, BAANU ? vAsara - sravishTA - nakshatra yuktAyAm, PourNamAsyAm Subha-tithau, SrI-vishnu-yOga, SrI-vishnu-karaNa, Subha-yOga, Subha-karaNa, Yevam guNa,-viSeshaNa viSishTAyAm, asyAm Subha-tithou, SrI-Bhagavad-AjnayA, SrIman-nArAyaNa-prItyartham (OR) Bhagavat-kainkarya-roopam (OR) Bhagavat-prItyartham, [depending on your SampradAyam ]

TaishyAm paurNamAsyAm adhyAyO-utsarjana-akaraNa-prAyaS chittaartham, ashTottara-sahasra (1008)OR ashTottara-Sata (108) sankhyayA - "kAmO'kArshIt manyur akArshIt" mantra-japam karishye.

i hope u got it

Q: Hi.. I am looking for the "lyrics of Om Jai Jagadish Hare in telugu". Would be greatful if someone can tell me where i can get it. Regds, Lalith
-- lalith 123, United States Apr 16 08
A: hi lalith,

Here are the lyrics for aarti song,… and the translated lyrics of that song in english are here as follows..……

and couldn't find the telugu translation...

Q: I have a very important job interview coming up. Which mantra should I recite and how many times? Also, is there any specific pooja that I can perform so that I may be successful?
-- Sweta Sharma, Brisbane, Australia Apr 16 08
A: hi sweta, first of all i wish u the best of luck....

to achieve success in your career...

Rahu and Ketu

Rahu and Ketu are known to cause harm and hence there 's no question of their being afflicted. Yet let me remind you here that to determine afflicted planets requires the study of astrology and a lay reader must consult an astrologer to find out which planets are afflicted in his/her birth chart that need propitiation.

Rahu Mantra

Recite the following mantra for success in career, frame & occultism

"Aum srardhkay mahavirya chandradityavimardanam,Singhikagarbhasambhut tam rahu pranmamyaham"

Recite everyday after sunset. The gem is Gomed (Hessonite).

Ketu Mantra

Recite the following mantra for success in love, marriage & prosperity

"Aum palashpuspasankasham tarkagrahamastakam, Raudram, raudratmak ghoram tam ketum pranmamyaham"

Recite everyday after sunset. The gem is Lasniya (Cat's Eye). and about the pooja u have asked... go thru this site… but according to me lakshmi pooja for success...

all the best, Regards, S.Ram(ss)


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