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My name is Jayashree Sridhar.I live in Salinas - California,USA.with my lovable husband Sridhar and beautiful daughter Amoga.Basically I'm from South India.I love to do lots of recipes both veg and non veg.I am sharing recipes,some of which are contributions from my mom,my mother-in-law and some from my friends and relatives.I hope you will enjoy trying my recipes. To view my recipes scroll down and click on "latest advice" and in that click on Recipes at the last or just simply click on "my recipes".



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Ammas: Recently in India, i tasted a rice vareity called 'Jeeraga Samba' for making briyani. It is really good. I know it is available in India. But my query is whether the particular rice variety is available in US, especially in PA OR NJ. Thanks for ur reply.   …full advice
Query closed
Hi Ammas, I read most of the queries related to this problem but still I would like to see what other amma's suggest me personally. My problem is I am 34 yrs and have a 4yrs old kid. I used to pretty regular periods (34 days)until I have decided to have my 2nd child which was 2 months ago and right then my problem of irregular period started. I took provera for 6 days and on the 7th day I got my   …full advice
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dear amma, my problem is my weight,after the birth of my first child 4 yrs back iput on 15 kgs,i tried to loose i used to loose abt 5 kgs and put them back onand more,now 4 months back i delivered my second baby my weight was 78 kgs before pregnancy after the delivery i was around 80 kgs ,but now i am keeping on gaining weight not i'm 83 kgs, my appetite has also increased ,i somehow feel hungry   …full advice
Query closed
hi can any ammas say what is ajwain??in what recipe we use this???????????????   …full advice
Query closed
dear ammas..please give me a recipe for soft idli   …full advice
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