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Sarada Prithipal's Kitchen
-- Sarada Prithipal

Sarada Prithipal's Kitchen


Hi,I am Sarada from Seattle ( U.S.A ) I love cooking and would like to share some of my recipes with you.



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WoW! I just came across this site yesterday.I enjoyed reading all the info on Indian recipes. I am surprised that the site is so huge but so little known! I would like to ask a quick question. I live in a flat but would love to have a small tandoor oven in my kitchen. Now, I am not sure what is available. Are any tandoor ovens made for home use? Who are the manufacturers? Has anyone tried it? How   …full advice
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Hi, My friend Raj, at work, told me about this site. I asked him for an Indian tea recipe similar to what we used to make. I need a recipe with the following ingredients, but the right proportions, and also instructions. Here's what my husband thinks the recipe is: 1 1/3 c water, 2 2/3 c milk, 1 tsp fresh ground cardamon, darjeeling tea (qty?), 2 cinn sticks, 5 cloves, 1/4 honey. How muc   …full advice
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I have a osterizer blender with a big jar. I need a small jar to make chutneys. Any suggestions where I can find one. Any other chutney making solution most welcome..   …full advice
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Can any one pls tell the Receipy for preparing Mutton and chicken Birani .   …full advice
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Dear ammas, how to make traditional Iyengar Puliyodharai with the pulikachal??   …full advice
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