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Indian Kitchen By Veena
-- Veena Bhavanam

My Articles

Organic Food - May 14 2007

Hello everybody, Today, go to any grocery store and you will find a separate section labeled ‘Organic food’. Some might be wondering what this organic food is. What is so special about organic food? For vegetables/fruits it means that they were grown without the use of any kind of pesticide, artificial fertilizer or any external chemicals. For animals it means that they were reared without the use of antibiotics and without the use of growth hormones. If you want to buy organic food, look for the word "Organic" on vegetables or pieces of fruit, or on the sign above the organic produce display. …more

Various Ways To Remove Unwanted Hair - Mar 08 2002

Hello Everybody,

Almost everybody have the problem of unwanted hairs on legs and arms. Here are some common methods used to remove those hairs along with their advantages and disadvantages.


Shaving is one of the common , easiest and fastest ways to remove unwanted hairs. There are lots and lots of people following this method because of their ease to use. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Shaving


  • Shaving can be done just minutes before you go out. …more

Tips For Making Soft &Puffy Chapatis - Feb 27 2002

Hello Everybody,

Here are some handy tips to make your chapattis soft , puffy and tasty.

  • Add little warm water to make the dough. Also mix salt and pinch of sugar to atta before making the dough.
  • Once you mix water and make nice soft dough, add 1 teaspoon of gingelly oil and knead the dough properly. The more you knead the better chapattis you get. You can either knead on the counter top or on the chapatti board.
  • Then cover the dough and keep it for atleast 20 minutes. …more

How To Find A Perfume That Suits You - Feb 11 2002

Hello Everybody,

It’s very difficult to select a proper perfume till you get hold of one. The keys to selecting the right perfumes is identifying how your body works with certain perfumes, what your perfume wearing habits are and most importantly what types of fragrances you like.

Everybody’s body chemistry influences the way a fragrance smells: Temperature, diet, medications and the oiliness of your skin all have an impact. Generally, individuals with fairer coloring tend to have dryer skin and therefore should wear a stronger fragrance that will not disappear immediately. …more

Valentine's Day - Feb 05 2002

Hello Everybody,

I am sure that everybody are aware, February 14th is valentine’s day. I am not sure how many people know the history of Valentine’s Day. I did not know why its being celebrated or what’s the story behind it till I did little research and found out few things about Valentine’s Day. I would like to share the same with you all.

There are three different version behind Valentine’s day and they are Roman Valentine’s day, Christian valentine’s day and European valentine’s day. …more

Facts about Diamond - Jan 28 2002

Hello Everybody,

There were couple of queries in Fashion section as to how to buy diamonds, how do we know whether the diamonds we are buying are of good quality etc. In this newsletter, I would like to tell some important factors to consider while buying diamonds which will tell whether they are good quality diamonds or not.

Diamonds are one of oldest, famous and of course costliest stones available in market. So when you want to buy diamond you would want to make sure that what you getting is worth for what you are paying. …more

Give Yourself A Professional Pedicure At Home - Jan 24 2002

Hello Everybody,

I am sure that many of you would agree with me if I say that not many of us will give great importance for our feet as much as we give to our hands. Its very important that we keep our toe nails neat and polished because many people gauge our cleanliness by out feet.

Here is a simple way to give yourself a professional pedicure and keep your feet clean & healthy.

1)Remove your old nail polish cleanly with a ball of cotton dipped in nail remover. …more

Give Yourself A Professional Manicure At Home - Jan 15 2002

Hello Everybody,

It’s always great to have a professional manicure, but if you can’t always spend the extra cash, or can’t find time to get to the salon, here are some easy instructions to give yourself nice-looking nails. Just follow these steps and you’ll be a professional in no time! Regular manicures can help restore the health of damaged nails and discourage nail biting. So no matter what condition your nails are in, they'll benefit from a manicure. …more

Vastu Shastra - Jan 14 2002

Hello Everybody,

There were lots of queries regarding Vastu Shastra. There are lot of people who believe in Vastu Shastra and people who don’t believe in Vastu Shastra. We should try to respect both the groups.

This particular newsletter is for all those people who believe in Vastu. Here are basic things about Vastu, how to plan your house according to Vastu, important things about Vastu etc.

Vastu Shastra was introduced in India about 5000 years ago during the period of Vedic civilization. …more

Makara Sankranti or Pongal - Jan 04 2002

Hello Everybody,


As the new year begins, lets start to celebrate our first festival which is “Makara Sankranti” or commonly called as “Pongal” in South India. Makara literally means 'Capricorn' and ‘Sankranti’ is the day when the sun passes from one sign of the zodiac to the other and enters the house of Makara. …more

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