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-- Geetha Gopakumar

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Q: I am new to ammas.I want to know how can i become a featured advisor? Thanks, Sowjanya
-- sowjanya gundimeda, India 09/24/09
A: Advisors: Anybody who registers at Ammas is by default an advisor. An advisor can post queries and can answer queries.

Featured Advisors: Something like Featured Reviewers here at epinions. These are the people who have earned a minimum number of points from answering queries in the past three month cycle.

Council members: The top 25 percentile of the featured reviewers form the council based on the points earned by them in the past three cycle.

Hence it's clear from above and i hope you got the point.


Q: Hello, I asked a question int he astrology section a few days ago and just received a response, but I found some information wrong in the response and wanted to clarify it and added a comment and submitted my ratings. Will the person who responded be able to see and reply back to my comment?
-- Anonymous, United States 09/20/09
A: Since your concern is realted to a particular response, better your try to post a follow-up query in that advisor's answerpod on 1ON1 basis by spending some more AA$s if you have with to spend.

Other wise post a follow-up query to the astrological category by putting minimum required AA$s nby addressing/mentioning the adivors name and the matter specifically.


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