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Q: Thank you Krupa for answerning my question on Block address. If I block a friend's address and she sends me email after that, will she not know that her address is blocked? Another question. On my microsoft WP I can do cut and paste, but on the website I do not see icon for cut and paste how do I do it? Can someone walk me through the process? For exapmole, how can I cut and paste this box to another box? Or do I have to learn formally in a computer class?
-- Nirmala F. Baker, USA 07/14/02
A: All you need to do is select the text, by clicking on your mouse and dragging it till youve selected what you want and then release the mouse button. Then right click and choose copy. Go to where you need to paste it and just right click again, and choose paste. That's it; it will get pasted there.


Q: Can any one tell me how a Block address in emails works? If I block an address, does the party know that the address is blocked. What exactly happens if the person sends an email to a bolcked address? Does it just bounce back to them asn UNDELIVERDED?
-- Nirmala F. Baker, USA 07/13/02
A: It doesnt bounce back to them.

It reaches your account, then your account automatically deletes it.


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