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-- somayajulu sistla bhavani

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thanking you for reding my chart and providing insight into details
-- jyotika   05/11/07
Dear madam, Thank you very much for your calculations, one more query ,iam in love with a person born on 11/10/1981,time 6.50 pm,(born at Palani,Tamilnadu),since iam a manglik is there any possibility for me to marry him and does our horoscopes match,and also if we marry will something bad happen, both of us our very much god fearing ,we want an answer soon for this,please do help us in this regard,Sincerely Thanking you a lot.
-- muruga   05/11/07
Thank you very much for your kind advice sir. It was very kind of you. If you could please tell me about the kaala sarpa dosha nivaarana, I will try to do something about that. If there any particular mantra or a pooja that has to be performed, I will do that. Thanks again for responding and helping me.
-- Anonymous   04/24/07
Thank you for responding and clearing the doubt I had for such a long time. Thanks a lot. Regards Kanika
-- kanika   04/05/07
Thank You very much for your advice, What types of Nivarana should be performed for Nagasarpa dosham. IS it harmful to have this dosha? What type of stones should be worn on a ring for this dosha? How long this dosha will be there and what bad effects it would create? I would definitely rate for your advice
-- Shalini   03/24/07
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