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The Gate Way
-- Geetha Gopakumar

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Thanks for your time. Good luck to you too and thanks again for the advice
--   08/27/05
thanks geetha for ur advis ebuit if i try to make frdship with her she insults me and my hubby always want me to be under like servant to his sis and my sil always come sin middle she wants my hubby to always spend time with her i dont know whta type of sadism is it i tried my level best to be frd to he rbut she insults me anyway tzhanks once again
-- more   08/11/05
thank u so much geetha for ur advise
-- pudota   08/10/05
I have posted my query with details recently. The starting lines being"ours is a love marriage".. I did add this being in continuation of earlier query of " My case is not unique. But my story is long..and to make it short"... but that part was ommited for some reason. Hope to see your response there since you will be able to understand it better having given such a deep analysis on my earlier query to the same problem. Once again thanks for your help.
-- Pratibha   07/27/05
Dear Geetha, I have one inquiry. Can i explain my problem in detail to you. Even though your advice feels right to me. I have the nagging feeling that there is nothing left for me to deal with here in this case and if u think for it to be ok then i can send you the "long" of my story. Thanks for your help.
-- Pratibha   07/19/05
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