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Q: i fine white hair note my kids room what is this
-- bia, london Aug 10 08
A: Dear Bia, There is no need to worry dear as you have found a white hair in your kids room,it is good sign it shows that your kid will now a days be more wise according to the age,you will notice that there will be change in the behaviour,means the change will positive then why to worry. My best wishes are with you and your kid.

Q: i want to the position of the planets on 19th june 2008. Also let me know the ascendants of the birth on that day by 8.01 am and at 8.08 am
-- radha, india Aug 10 08
A: Dear Radha, The ascendent will be the same at 8.01 am and at 8.08 am this is the Cancer ascendent, the position of the planets is also the same and the dasha is also the same at the time of the birth,but there will be a little bit difference in dasha sequence and there is also a difference in the degrees of the planets. AT 8.01am:Asd is 7Deg.45mnt. At 8.08 am Asd is 9 Deg.13mnt. Sun in Gemini 4degree 12 minutes = 4 degree 13mnt Moon in Saggitarius 8 deg.19mnt = 8 deg.22mnt. Mars in Cancer 28 deg.36mnts =28 deg. 36mnt. Mercury in Tarus 19 deg.00mnt. =19 deg.00mnt. Jupiter in Sagittarius25deg.57mnt=25 deg.57mnt. Venus in Gemini 6deg.55mnt. =6 deg.56mnt. Saturn in Leo 9 deg.33mnt. =9 deg.33mnt. Rahu in Capricorn27 deg.21 mnt. =27 deg.21 mnt. Ketu in Cancer 27 deg.21 mnt. =27 deg.21mnt. The above is the position as is required by you dear, My best wishes are with you.

Q: I have asked 2 to 3 questions relating to astrology but ihavent received any satisfactory answers till now.Please tell what modifications i have to do.
-- Anonymous, India Sep 01 08
A: Dear Anonymous, I think that there may be some reason due to which your questionsare not attended properly,for good response the following things are required:- 1.Date of birth 2.Place of birth 3.Time of birth 4.Gender-means male or female and lastly the rate of the query,means if we give high rating(more AA$) to the query then there are more chances for good replies as there is a rush of queries and there is a lot of labour is there to answer the query so most of the astrologers are not willing to answer the query,for good results there is a need to repay for the hard labour done by the astrologer,for such a nominal AA$,the expenditure occured on the internet is not deposited ,so for better answers increase the rate of the query,the higher the rate the better will be the answer. My best wishes are with you dear.

Q: ugly,ok,sexy,hot or pretty
-- ?Hinata?Hyuga ?, 0 Sep 20 08
A: Dear, First of all improve yourself,leave mischieves method of asking question.I can give the answer of your question as i am an astrologer and can judge future from the persons hand,the answer for your query is:-you are not said to ugly,but are pretty,sexy and hot,why to worry. My best wishes are with you,but improve you mischievs habit.

Q: Born in Guntur Andhrapradesh,febrauary 25 ,1972, mithuna raasi, punarvasu nakshatra, cureently in USA , searching for job,when will I settle down properly in career and how m caree will be.I have worked with major companies but not satisfied.
-- Harsha k, Hyderabad Sep 24 08
A: Dear Harsa, You have forgotton to give the exact time of birth,the below given particulars are required for prooer prediction, 1 place of birth. 2 Exact time of birth. 3 Date of birth. 4 Gender-male/female.,but dear you have given the Mithun rashi,i think you have born in the afternoon,means that your birth time will be between 12.54 pm to3.05pm,so you should repost the query after giving the exact time of birth and with other particulars also,like gender,as now a days the names are almost familer of male and females,so it will be better to give clear description of gender in one's query. My best wishes are with you

Q: Date of Birth: 31-10-1975
Time of Birth:1:07 PM
Place of Birth:palakollu, andhra pradesh

Sorry for asking this sort of question? i got a chance to contest from one consituency in AP, but i am worried as people say i have a very weak (delibated ) sun in tula rasi and that too with rahu. Now guys if this is the case i want to use your full expertise and help me and guide me in this regard. I am sure there might me some good remedy where you guys can suggest me to do. Things i am doing to please sun is: 1.) wearing a ruby ring 2.) Did japam for sun god ( 7000 times chanting the beja mantra ) 3.) ofcouse read vishu sahasranamam. 4.) Listem to lalitha sahasranamam. 5.) Did sree sooktha homam at my house. and also i thought of wearing a rudraksha ( one mukhi and 12 mukhi ) , but i heard one mukhi is in demand and they are asking 2 lakhs which i think i can't afford. So guys please help me what else to do ? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

-- Naga Srinivasa, United States Oct 09 08
A: Dear Naga Srinivasa, It is good that you have an interest in politics and you have got the chance to contest from one consituency in AP.You will definitely shine in politics, why to worry. First of all I will like to discuss the detailwise scope in politics.Dear you are born in Uttarphalguni nakshta, it shows that your profession will be as under:- Social Worker People born in this nakshtra are also said to be in high places, both above things shows your scope in politics.

Let us come to the first house, lagna lord is posited there in the 7th house and is aspecting its own house will not do any harm, moreover saturnin neutral both in lagna chart and in navmasha.There is no benefic aspect on the lagna, but mars have its malefic aspect on lagna but don’t worry dear the Mars is neutral in lagna and is great friendly in navmasha.Lagna lord is in the movable sign shows lot of travelling is there in your life.

Now let us come to 5th house as this house also shows the public favour.The 5th lord in 8th house shows not so good position but it is at the 4th position from itself shows some good results will be favourable in inheritance and sipiritual development,but will give unhappiness from childern.The 5th house has no good aspect on it but rahu which is netural in lagna chart has improved the situation in navmasha as it is mooltrikona in navmasha,will give good rasults,means you will gain favour from public indirectly.

The 6th house also plays an importrant role in the field of politics as it is the house of compettion.The 6th lord Mercury is in 9th shows the good position as it is at the 4th position from itself which is auspicious, it also shows benefit from enemies is there,it also indicates that your father is having a good postion but is not favourable for you,why to worry dear the retrograte Jupiter has the aspect on the 6th house is the saviour factor,overall the situation of a 6th house is good,it shows that you will succed in you mission.

Lastly we will see the position of the 10th house the house of profession,the 10th lord Venus is in the 8th house shows not so good position but it is at the 11th position from itself shows the good position,but at th initial stage there was a break in career,what why to worry there is an aspect of Jupiter is there which will give the blessing to your career and the jupiter also have the aspect on the 10th house then why to worry.You will definitely get profession of your own choice,means the politicial career.There is also an exchange between the 1th and the8th houses which is also said to be auspicious.Debiliatd Sun is posited there in the 10th house which will give bad effect to your father but the position of Rahu in the 10th house will definitely give you the political power.Hence no worries.

Let us come to the dasmamsha chart.In this chart Sun and Mercury in the 10th house results into the scope of your career in the Goverenment authorities.It has one malefic aspect that of Mars and one benefic aspect that of Jupiter the Dev Guru,then why to worry dear.

All the above shows that you will definitely shine in politics.Moreover there are much good yogas in your horoscope which are given below:- 1 Durudha Yoga:-It results that you will earn fame through speec 2. Nicha Bhanga Raj Yoga:-A debiliated planet exchanges houses with its debiliated lord.This yoga indicates cancellation of the state of debiliation of a planet and yielding benfic results instead being elevated to a Raj Yoga Status. 3 Bharathi Yoga:-As the lord of navmasha sign is occupied by the lord of 2nd is exalted –this will result that you will become famous. 4 Raja Yoga:-Tis also shows that you will become a ruler or will achieve a high rank in politics. 5. Satkirti Yoga:-The lord of 10th house is in its friendly and in benefic shastiamsa-it results into that you get fame in life. 6 Raja Sambandha Yoga:-The 10th lord from lagna is conjuct or aspected by the dispositor of the Amatyakarka or conjuct or aspected by the Amatayakarka-it shows that you will achieve high position related to Govt. Now a days there is also an influence of Sade Sati so remedy for this is required. I would like to say that debiliation of Sun is totally cancelled then why to worry. You should not wear ruby but can donate ruby to a fellow having link with Govt.(may be govt.officer)this should be donated on any sunday after 5pm. You can also donate pearl(8 ratti)to a female member(she should not be below 40) An emerland should be worn by you on any wednesday at 5am while recieting the below given mantra for 21 times,the mantra is,"Om Bhraam Bhreem Bhraum Se Budhaye Namah."This ring should be worn in the little finger of your right hand. There is no need to do other things but as you thought of wearing the rudraksha(one mukhi and 12 mukhi),the rate as some one has coded is very much,the why to go for such expences as we can get results only to chant the mantras,for one mukhi you can chant,"Om Om Drisham Namah",21 times a day for regular 108 days.Start this doing from any sunday at 5am.This will nullify the faults of Sun and will enhance the strengthof Sun,so start chanting this. Now let us discuss twelve mukhi rudraksha,it is said to be the form of twelve Suryas and this 12 mukhi rudraksha is also the substitute for one faced rudraksha. For getting the results of 12 mukhi rudraksh,you can also chant the below given mantra.The mantra is,"Om Shrim Namah."This mantra should be chanted daily for21 times a day for regular 108 days.This should be started from any Monday at 7am.Start chantind these,why to waste Rs.2 lakhs. With above mantrs you will achieve the required results.You will definately shine in politics. For sade sati remedies do the below given remedies. 1.On first saturday-take 1.25mtrs black cloth,125gm black till,125gm iron nails,125gm mustard oil in a bottle,one iron knife and 1kg250gms satnaja(without yellow anaj).In black cloth put satnaja in middle of cloth and other things in four corners,then after rolling it rotate it anticlockwise from ur head and donate it. On 2nd saturday take a chhaya pttar and put mustard oil in it and see ur nails in it and donate it. On third saturday go to Shani temple while taking mustard oil,agarbati and black urd(2.25 kg).Give shani statue a bath with oil and lit the aggarbati in front of that and donate urd dal in front of shani statue.Sit for few time there in shani temple.While doing this you will feel comfortable in life as such under the influence of sade sati also,with the help of these there will be no obstacles in your political career.Carry on dear,no worries about political career,there is a rise as i have mentioned earlier. My best wishes are with you.

Q: Date of Birth: 28-03-1981
Time of Birth:7:45 AM
Place of Birth:Chennai

Hi, Iam a 27 year old woman a home maker in USA married for last 2 years have a 1 year old baby girl. My DOB is 28th March 1981 at 7:45 AM in chennai and my husband's is 13th OCT 1974 AT 7:40 pm in Madurai. Please advise about our marital life as we quarrel a lot about pety matters but love eachother immensely. I want to get back to work can u please advise on my career. Please advise on my husband's career life as well. Also when will I have another child baby boy is what Iam looking for the next child. Please advise on our life ahead in general. My husband's professional life. Our marriage life, my career.

-- Anonymous, United States Oct 14 08
A: Dear Anonymous, It is good that you are honestly worried about your married life as you have written that both of you (you and your hubby) quarrel a lot about petty matters but you have also mentioned that you love each other immensely. First of all I would like to tell you that you were born in Moola Nashtra, it shows that you are skilled, and also are of deep nature, means you mostly like to go deep upto the root level Your hubby was born in Uttarphalguni Nakshtra-so he is having the qualities of a social worker and can achieve high position in this work. Now let us come to the main point, both of your horoscopes show that your marriage is a love marriage as the association of 7th lord with 5th shows in both the horoscopes, but in both the cases Jupiter the dev guru is giving blessings, hence your marriage may be occurred without hinderance. As you are already married and moreover your marriage is a love marriage so there is no need to match the horoscopes at this stage. For behaviour we blame mind and the mind is represented by Moon,let us see the position of of Moon in both the horoscopes.From your horoscope it seems that your Moon falls in Sagittarius the 9th house of you husband and your hubby’sMoon falls in Virgo in the 6th house of your horoscope,hence the Moon of yours and your hubby falls in the 10/4 position from each other,this position is considered to be auspicious,this is the reason you love each other immensely,then why to worry about behaviour You have also some good yogas in you horoscope,these are:-Gaj Kesari Yoga-Jupiter is in kendra from Moon,it results into that you are illustrious,overpowering,virtuous,wealthy,intelligent,scholarly and likes to enjoy fame. Again Gaj Kesari Yoga:-Jupiter in 10th house from Moon, it sows a good position for your career,it also shows that you will attain a dignified position and wealth.There could also be a strong idealism and sipirtual pursuits-having this type of yoga you can leave your spouse and daughter to become an Ascetic,so be concious and try to love you family more then your sipiritualism. You also have Khala Yoga-as the lord of 4th and 9th are in mutual Kendras and lord of Lagna is strong.-it shows that you are aggressive, courageous and ignorant so try to be wise. There is also a Raja Yoga present in your horoscope this is of three types in your horoscope:- 1st is –There is a mutual aspect between the 5th lord and the 9th lord; it sows that you will achieve a high governmenal position. 2nd Lord of 4th house are in conjunction with the 5th lord-again shows the governmental status. 3rd is that Venus is occupying the Karkamsha Lagna and is associated with moon and is aspected by the Jupiter-again shows govt. status. There is also a Dhana Yoga is present in your horoscope. Lastly we will discuss the Sakaltra Yoga:-your 7th lord Venus is aspected by Jupiter, it shows that you spouse is noble and virtuous so try to avoid the argumentation with him. Your husband also have some good yogas in his horoscope, like 1st is- Surya-Chandr-Mangal-Shukr Yoga:-Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus are in conjunction in the 6th house-it shows that your hubby is a learned, having comfortable nature, renowed, having wealth and virtue, having progny and is blessed with a wife like you, then why to worry about querrels, be accomadating. 2nd is Surya-Mangal-Shukr Yoga:-As all the three plenets are in conjuction these shows that he is fortunate,very wise,amiable,harsh,having pleasing personality,but he is having some eye problems. 3rd is Chander –Shukr Yoga-it shows that he is clever in buying and selling,fond of flowers and perfumes,lazy and is of quarrelsome nature so keep youself calm at the time of quarrel. 4th is Aurasaputra Yoga-As the 5th house is a benefic sign and the 5th lord is aspected by the benefic –so he will definitely have a male child. 5th is Karmajiva Yoga-The lor of navmasha is occupying the 10th house and is occupying Bhani the having Venus its lord, it shows that his source of wealth might come from his spouse or from some female (means he will have favour from female officer at his workplace.) 6th is Jamini Raja Yoga:-The Moon and Venus are together-this elevates the status of your husband in terms of his success. 7th is the Nicha Bhanga Raja Yoga:-As the debiliated Venus has an exchange with the debiliated lord Mercury which indicates the cancellation of the state of debiliation of Venus and is yielding benefic results instead,being elevated to a Raja Yoga status. Let us discuss the martial life,your 7th lord in 12th does not show a good position and is is also at the 6th position from itself again not good,but don’t worry dear ur 7th lod is exalted and the jupiter has an aspect on it then why to worry about martial life,but be concious about relations someone can misuse your advance thought.In navmasha the position of 7th lord is again improved.Moreover in the sarvestakvarga the 7th house has 38 bindus which are average then why to worry. In your hubby’s horoscope the position of 7th lord is not good as it in the 6th house and is at the 12th position from itself and moreover the 7th lord is debeliated, but nothhing to worry the debiliation is cancelled and the aspect of Jupiter is there which the saviour factor is then why to worry. In Sarvastakvarga he has 24 bindus which are again average, but the saviour factor is there as I have already mentioned above. I think the quarrel is there between both of you is from 16th July 2007 it is due to the reason that your husband is now a days is under the influence of Sade Sati,it directly effects your married life,your fulfilment of desires and your finance,so the remedy is required,as you are staying abroad I think choose black things and donate these to labour class for regular on Saturdays,or donate black articles of your choice in any nearest temple for five Satu rdays regurly,one more thing your hubby should start recieting Hanuman Chalisa at bed time daily,he should start this from any Saturday onwards,this will reduce your quarrel. Now let us discuss your career your 10th house has Ketu posited in it does not show a good position and the 10th lord is in 6th does not show a good position, but its retrogration will definitely will give reward regarding career, then why to worry, moreover the jupiter have an aspect on the 10th house the why to worry.The 10th lord losses position in navmasha as it is debiliated in navmasha,but there are many good yogas in your horoscope regarding profession.In the month of November from 23 Nov.2008 there are chances of your job. In Ashtakvarga your 10th house has 39points,good scope.. For ur hubby the chances are less for job as his 10th lord is in 3rd house having no benefic aspect.He will do bussines, lot of travelling will there.For progny chances are for male child,but try to concieve on auspicious time. My best wishes are with you.

Q: how to predict, one can get love marriage or arrange marriage???
-- Anonymous, United States Oct 16 08
A: Dear Anonymous, To predict love marriage or arrange marriage,there is a need of below given paticulars,the requirement is given below:-1)Date of birth of the person whose prediction is required.(This should be exact). 2)Exact time of birth. 3)Place of birth. 4)Gender-Male/Female. From the above particulars we can predict everthing. My Best Wishes are with you dear.Go for the marriage as you wish.

Q: My DOB is May 11'1974, 1:30am, Chandigarh for marriage does it match with a gril born on Sep19, 1974
A: Dear Jatinder Arora, Please give full birth particulars of the girl also as you have given of your's,then it will be possible to match the horoscopes. My best wishes sre with you as you are going to be married soon.

Q: My DOB is 26th-January-1982,and i dont know my birth time.My grand pa said that i was born at the time of sunrise(suryodhayam). What will be my birth time?
-- naresh babu, medarametla Nov 20 08
A: Dear Naresh Babu, As your grand pa says that you were born at the time of sunrise,so on 26th Jnuary,1982 the sunrise time was 7.25am,hence your birth time will be 7.25am,note it down,dear. My best w2ishes are with you.

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