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-- Kuldip Sharma
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about my brother career and his marriage...
Will i have second child...
when will become i rich...
I like to know that is there a Kalsarpa Yog in my kundali...
when will i get the job...
sade sati...
Kalsarp dosha...
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Q: Hello Ammas family, My query is about my brother career. He is 29 year old still not settled. please suggest what he should do for his career growth he is single when he will get married. his DOB is 5th January 1978 2100 hrs. please suggest for gem stone. birth place is chamoli garhwal uttarakhand.
-- Anonymous, Unknown Nov 28 07
A: Dear: Anonymous,

Gone through the chart of your brother. He is a Leo Lagna and Lagna lord is in the 5th house alongwith 10th lord and aspected by 5th lord Jupitor from 11th house causing a powerful Raj Yoga with regard to education and profession. The native does have good academic qualification required for good profession. The 10th house is being aspected by Saturn as well as by Rahu. Saturn will cause delay in his settlement in the profession whereas Rahu will cause problems in the settlement in the profession. However, it is predicted that your brother is going to get jump during the month of end January, 08. For rise in profession, he is advised to wear good quality of Ruby ( 5 ratti) in in yellow metal in his 3rd finger on Sunday He is also advised to offer wife to Bhairo ji. Further he is also advised to offer water mixed with red chandan to Sun and recite the Mantra, Om Surya Namah. Regarding the Marriage, it is being delayed by Saturn, posited in Lagna. He is also Manglik, so he is advised to go in for proper marriage matching. There is little problem about his adjustment with his spouse, because of position of Rahu in the 2nd house (house of family and speech) and some time he lost control over his tongue which becomes a matter of concern for his marital bliss. He is advised to do the remedy of Rahu as prescribed above. As regards his marriage is concerned, after 22nd Nov, 2007, there is full scope of his marriage, as principle of double transits are met with and there is dasa of marriage related house. After 22nd Nov., the Jupitor will transit over his 5th house and aspect 7th Lord Saturn, whereas Saturn (Transit) is already hovering over the 7th lord giving blessings for marriage. So you are advised to avail this opportunity. With best wishes, (Kuldip Sharma)

Q: Hi My dob is 27 may 1977 .i was born at madras at 8:20 p.m My husband dob is 6 may 1973.He was born at quilon,keral,india at 9:15 a.m I have one 4 year old son.we would like to have one more child.but due to my overweight and other family issues it is not hapeenning .will u please tell me whether we will have one more child and if so when is the best period.please help.also i have lot of problem with my mil.are there are any remedies
-- anitha kapur, United States Nov 28 07
A: Dear anitha kapur,

I have gone through yours and your husband chart and found that there is no problem for the 2nd child. Since you and your husband are running bad ( your dasa of Rahu-Mercury and your husband dasa of Sat-Sat) further your sadesati has also started whereas the sadesati of your husband has just been over. The bad period and your husbands sadesati period was the main reason if family trifles. However, after 22nd Nov., 2007, you may likely to plan as Jupitor (Transit) will be in your Lagna and blessing your 5th house and in the case of your husband, it will in the 7th house and aspecting his 5th lord (lord of children) and you may plan to conceive. Rest is in the hand of God. Regarding your other problems, first of all, you are a Manglik and your husband is non Manglik Secondly, you must not be having good relations with your mother-in-law, being 8th lord Moon is placed in your 10th house and Rahu is also present. You must be also having problem with your profession, if you are in service. In order to maintain good relations with your mother in law and for your profession, do remedy of Mercury and offer Green fodder to cows on Wednesday. Wear Gomedh of good quality in your 2nd finger. Offer Bread Pakora alongwith Tea to beggars or servants on Saturday. Also donate black Urd and mustard oil on Saturday. Throw 400 Grams of Rewari (an item of jaggery and lentil) or Batasha in the running water on Tuesday for 4 Tuesday, to avoid the ill effect of 4th house Manglik. Offer sweet water to Pippal Trea and apply Tilk of wet soil on your forehead. With best wishes, (Kuldip Sharma)

Q: My D.O.B is 23june 1976.Star bharani time of birth , place:4.06 am , chennai.I have not worke dfor 7 yrs , though well qualified.Will i ever work in my life?
-- ramya, Nov 28 07
A: Dear Ramaya,

Gone through your horoscope. You are a Taurus Lagna. Lagna Lord has exchanged with 2nd lord Mercury. Your 5th lord (lord of education) is placed in Lagna shows no problem in education. However, you are in Kal Sarp Dosha called Mahapadam Kal Sarp DoshaKetu in twelfth: The person would not do well in relationships and would have a very pessimistic view of life. Life is full of ups and down. As regards your problem in profession, it is added that your 9th and 10th lord Saturn is conjunct with Mars in the 3rd house, lord of 7th and 12th house. 3rd lord exchanged with 12th lord Mars Moreover, your 11th lord is also in the 12th house. The position of 10th (profession) lord and 9th (fortune) lord in 3rd house (House of frequent journey) alongwith 12th lord (house of foreign journey or import and export) and 11th lord in the 12 house alongwith 3rd lord (frequent journey) shows that your area of profession should be linked with foreign affairs, import and export business. Keeping the above things in view, you look for profession which relates to frequent journey. Do not try for profession, which requires in house sitting. Your Karkamsha Lagna is Pisces and 10th from KL is Sagitarrius and its lord is well placed, but on Rahu Ketu axis, shows some obstacles but it cannot be said that it is denial. It is not understandable why you have not worked these past 7 weeks. It may be that you must very choosing about the profession. However, as the astrological principle, you will be able to get suitable job after Jan., 2008. You are advised to throw 1 Kg Jaggery (Ghur) in the running water on Thursday. You are also advised to offer water mixed with red chandan or piece of Jaggery to Sun. You are also advised to throw in the running water 400 grams of Dal Channa on Thursday continuously for 4 days. KSY remedy: Those who are suffering from Kal Sarp Dosha Burn Ajwain, Guggal, Hing, Peeli Sarso and kapur daily in the evening. (2) On piece of Chandan wood, engrave snake and put it on the neck or wear ring embedded with Gomedh and Cat’s eye.or silver fish in the neck (3) On Sakranti Prepare Halwa in Desi Ghee and pour it in the copper plate and prepare place in the middle and place silver snake and donate it (4)) Fan to self every day with Mor Pankh after rising from the bed. (5) throw Kal Sarp Dosha Yantra from market( or prepared at your own by taking led piece and engrave pair of snake on one side on it and on the other side engrave Rahu and Ketu numerical table) after reciting the mantra of Rahu and Ketu in the running water. Offer water mixed with milk to Shivling on Monday regularly and recite Om Namah Shiva jap for 108 times. With best wishes (Kuldip Sharma)

Q: Dear Sir, I want to know when i will get children. Already our marriage 4 years over. My dob details are date : 19-09-1975 place : delhi time : 10:50 a.m. My husband's dob details are date : 24-10-1971 place : pratapgarh(U.P) tIME : 11:15 A.M. Please let me know how is our married life and how many children we have and when we will have. Also i am very much worried about my husband's health . Please tell about his health and about our relationship. Thanks
-- arp, india Nov 28 07
A: Dear arp,

Gone through your chart alongwith chart of your husband. There is one point in your chart that 5th house lord Jupitor (Retrograde) is in your house and as per theory of Karka Bhav Nash theory, Jupitor is karaka for children and especially Putra Karka and it spoil the house when it is sitting in the 5th house. However, Sun another hot planet is aspect your 5th house alongwith Mercury. There is no other malefic or benefit aspect over the 5th house or 5th lord. The 5th lord of your husband’s chart is exhalted and is aspecting its own house. However, there is problem to 5th lord, as it is on Rahu Ketu axis Venus, Mercury and hot planet Sun are aspecting his 5th house. But here his Jupitor (karka for children is spoilt). His beej sputa has also been calculated and it is in odd sign i.e. good and your kshetra sputa is also in even sign which is good for female. I am of 100 % sure that you will get children, but with difficulty and proper remedy and with the blessings of some older persons. Your married life is good. Now Jupitor is entering Sagittarius rashi on 22nd Nov.,07 and it is well in the Lagna of your husband horoscope whereas it has already blessed your 5th lord, so there are very good chances of conceivement. There is problem of Saturn, which is not blessing to your 5th house or 5th lord, as it is to decide the time for birth of child, as per the principle of double transit, so you are advised to do remedy of Saturn by donating black Urd to the orphanage for 5 Saturday. Also donate Bananas in the Temple on 9 continuous Thursday . You are further advised to install Santan Gopal Yantra in your worship place and recite Santan Gopal Mantra with full devotion daily. Offer jaggery to cows on Tuesday regularly by your husband. Observe fast on Thursday and also you both should wear Pukhraj of about 5 ratti in gold metal. You both should consult Ayurveda Acharya for taking Ashwagandha or Ashwagandharist, as it is very good for reproductive system. With best wishes, (Kuldip Sharma)

Q: when will become i rich and what are my future prospects. may details are name : gagan, dob : 13 sep , 1981, time : 10:30 am place : ajnala (amritsar, punjab)
-- pasricha gag, India Nov 28 07
A: Dear Pasricha,

Gone through your horoscope. You are a Libra Lagna and lagna lord is well placed in Lagna and 11th lord placed in the 11th house, shows the fulfillment of your desired. However, on the professional point of view your 10th lord in 5th house i.e. 8th from its own sign gives a initial obstructions however, it is making a dhan yoga of good quality . Presence of 2nd lord (house of wealth) in the 10th house and further aspecting 10th lord and also 4th house and Lagna Lord, dominate its position. Further more, Rahu’s position in Kendra making it yoga karka and its conjunction with 2nd (house of finance) with 7th lord (marriage) mars shows that your rise will start after the marriage. 9th lord exalted but in the 12th house alongwith 4th and 5th lord Saturn 3rd lord Jupitor making Raj yoga in the 12th house, shows gains through foreign lands. But there is problem firstly that Dhankarka jupitor is not making Gaj Kesari Yoga as Jupitor and Moon are in 6/8 position. Formation of above dhan yoga and rajyoga will give result. At present, you are running dasa of Saturn-Saturn a yoga karaka planet and followed by Saturn-Mercury (exalted) making you financial sound. However, you will prosper more financially or otherwise, after the marriage. Do not expect sudden rise through speculation, as it is not going fill the coffer. You are advised to choose the profession which deals with import and export items and which involves in frequent journey. With best wishes, (Kuldip Sharma)

Q: My name is Maneesh Gupta, my DoB is 6th July 1969 and time is 0751 and place of birth is Ambala Cantt, Haryana, I like to know is there any kalsarpa yog in my kundali and if there is a kalsarpa yog is in my kundali what is the remedy fot that. I am very depress due to my failure in my life in all the field. Please help me, I will be thankful to u for ever.
-- Maneesh Gupta, India Nov 28 07
A: My dear Maneesh

I have gone through your chart and I had earlier replied the same by just assuming that you are borne in New Delhi, as you have not provided me the Place of birth. However, on supplying the place of birth as Ambala Cantt, your chart has been prepared and you are Cancer Lagna and Lagna Lord placed well in the 9th house. First of all I must reply to your particular query that you are not in Kal Sarp Dosha. Kal Sarp Dosha occurred when all the planets are on one side (i.e. straight line ) of Rahu and Ketu and secondly the position of planets should be from Rahu to Ketu in the backward direction, as motion of Rahu and Ketu is always backward. In your case, first of all, Mars is directly out side the straight line of Rahu and Ketu and secondly all the planets are from Ketu to Rahu which does not make KSY. However, there is another bad yoga i.e. Guru Chandal Yoga and Matru Dosha as your Jupitor is on Rahu Ketu axis and on the other side Moon is conjunct with Rahu making Matru Dosha. Moon is controller of mind and mental energy and it is conjunct with a dire malefic planet, causing lot frustration. Regarding your profession, may be your 10th lord is in its own sign, but placement of Saturn in deblitation which is lord of 8th lord, pose problems in profession. Your 10th lord Mars is being aspected by Rahu. Placement of 2nd lord in the 12th house also shows that you are not able to hold your money or finance well as there is much expenditure than earning.. A few months before when Saturn was transiting in Cancer, it also created some obstacles in your profession and moreover, now a days Transiting Rahu is also running 12th house from your natal moon is also cause of depression. You are advised to throw 9 pieces of lead or coconut in the running after reciting Beej Mantra of Rahu continuously for 9 Wednesday. Worship Goddess Durga and receite is Beej Mantra Om Dum Durgai Namah. Offer wine to Bhairon Ji on Saturday. Dominate Bananas in the Temple on Thursday and touch the feets of Pandhit ji Go to Hanuman ji Temple on Tuesday and Saturday and recite its Chopai ‘Sankat Kate Mite Sab Peera Jo Simre Hanumant Balveera’ daily as much as possible you can. Donate black Urd (Maa) and mustard oil on Saturday and also offer sweet water to Pippal Tree and burn Deepak under it on Thursday and Saturday. With best wishes, (Kuldip Sharma)

Q: when will i get the job name : pooja, dob : 7 may, 1985, time 12:35 (midnight of 6th may) place :ajnala (amritsar, punjab)
-- pasricha gag, India Nov 28 07
A: My dear Pasricha,

Gone through your Chart. You are a Capricorn Lagna and placement of Lagna lord in the 11th house is excellent alongwith 7th lord (lord of marriage) Moon in debilitation shows decent marriage. The debilitation of the Moon has been cancelled as Mars is the depositor is aspecting its own house ( i.e. in Kedra) You are going to marry with the known person or . As regard your question of profession is concerned, your 10th lord Venus is exalted and placed in the 3rd house alongwith 9th lord, making a raj yoga and the nature of job to me, which require frequent travel or relating to communication. 10th lord on Rahu Ketu axis, shows some type of initial obstructions and further 8th lord Sun is exalted placed in 4th house and aspecting a short of semi-government job. Your Karkasmsha Lagna is Acquarius and KL lord is placed in the 10th house, shows that there is good professional career, as it is having rashi drishti of Capricorn which contains Jupitor and Aries, which contains Sun and Rahu a sort of mixed result. Lagna is Virgo and its lord D-10 is also well placed in the 11th house which is also 10th lord , Presence of Ketu in D-10 charts also shows initial hindrenaces. Further As far as your job is concerned, you are likely to get job any time (shortly), as the dasa system is going on well and Transing Saturn has already aspected your 10th house (now in Leo) and when it was in Cancer, also aspected karka for service Sun and cleared the time for getting the job. Further, Jupitor (Transit) has also aspected your 10th lord Venus and after entering Sagittarius on 22nd Nov.,2007, it will aspect your natal Sun which is most important parameter and clearly blessing to job and start career. However, since Sun is conjuct with Rahu making a Pitru Dosha and Moon conjuction with Saturn a Matru dosha, you are advised to serve 5 brahmis on Amavasya Day and offer donations and clothes. Further you are also advised to serve 5 branhmis on Sunday and offer them donations and clothes. Further you are also advised to donate Salty rice palao to beggars or servant clause. Throw 4 pieces of lead in the running water on 4 Wednesday. Also offer water to Sun daily morning and on Sunday, offer Jaggery (Ghur) to cows. With best wishes (Kuldip Sharma)

Q: hi i was born on 07/10/1977,madanapalle,india,my moon sign is cancer and nakshatra is pushyami,i understand that iam under the influence of sade sati,i have through lot of problems in the last 5 years,and i wish to know what my future and how it is going to be
-- ramesh pothularaju, India Nov 28 07
A: Dear Ramesh pothularaju,

You have supplied only the date of birth and place of birth and without time. For detailed analysis please supply the time of your birth. However, Your Lagna chart cannot be erected. On going through the Moon on 7.10.77 the moon was in Cancer and for people including you who have Moon in Cancer (Karka Rashi) 5 years have already over and last part of 2 ½ half years are already going on and about one year has elapsed. Not much detailed discussion can be made on the chart with proper Lagna. However, you are advised to do the remedy of Saturn by donating black urd and mustard oil in the Saturn Temple, on Saturday. Burn Deepak of mustard oil under Peepal tree and offer sweet milk to Peepal tree and apply tilk on your forehead from its wet soil on Saturday. Also go to Hanuman Temple and pray to Hanuman ji on Tuesday for removal of problems and recite its Chopai ‘Sankat Kate Mite Sabh Peera Jo Simray Hanumant Balveer’ from Hanuman Chalisa as many as time you can. It is wonderful remedy. Recite beej Mantra of Saturn. With best wishes, (Kuldip Sharma)

Q: I have kalsarp dosha (rahu in 12th , ketu in 6th). I am 39 years old going through health problems for 12yrs. Does the dosha end at a particular age?
-- Namita, USA Nov 28 07
A: Sub: Namita, USA

You have not supplied your horoscope and specifically asked whether the dosha ends at a particular age. There is no description in the classics that when the Kal Sarp Dosha present in one horoscope ends, because as it came with the birth of the native, it will end with the death of the person. It is also said that this yog effects a person till 47 years and some time throughout his life, its depend upon the position of kaal sarp yoga People with Kaal Sarp dosha have their life full of struggle. It causes setbacks in life and creates obstacles in accomplishment of every job you inspire and some times makes death like situation. Its malefic effects are mostly seen during the dasa and antardasa or Rahu and Ketu, as in your case, Rahu is in the 12th house (Hospitalization, expenditure) and Ketu (house of disease, enemy, debt), and if its dasa and antardasa is involved with 2nd lord or 7th lord (both markesh) and also with 8th lord or 3rd lord and there are other factors like 64 Navamsha, 22nd Drekkna etc. alongwith malefic transit, it can create death like situation. During dasa of any planet, these two shadowy planets must be having their sub period at different interval and shows malefic results of its nature. However, their malefic -ness can be reduced with proper astal remedy by reciting its beej matra, offering of water to Shiv Ling alongwith pair of silver snake on Panchami, observe fast on Nag Panchami day and perform puja by offering pair of snakes and reciting the Om Namah Shiva matra, Mahamrintunjaya Mantra, buring of Ajwain, Ghuggal, Hing in the evening, wearing of silver fish in the neck, throwing of Narial or lead pcs in the running water after reciting the beej mantra of Rahu and Ketu on Wednesday, faning with Mor Pankh to self early on rising from the bed Visit to Sri Kalahasti Temple, Kalahasti, Near Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh or Tirunageshwaran temple, Near Kumbakkonam, Tamil Nadu and offer specific pooja. One must do remedy out of the above, and surrender before Lord Shiva and busy in your work. Nothing will happen, there a number of great people like Jawaharlal Nehru, Geroge Bush, Dhiru Bhai Ambani, Sachin (Crickter) etc. etc. With best wishes. (Kuldip Sharma)

Q: Dear Sir, I request you to take a look in to my details, horoscope and kindly provide me suitable predictions as i have been told by the astrologers i have met that i have Kalasarpa dosha, (kalathra dosha and hence look for a girl who is also having the same dosha). over and above because of Rahu in my ascendant/lagna i will be facing obstacles, and other troubles in acheiving success in life. I request you to provide me suitable remedies / parihara that i need to do to overcome the above said obstacles or at the least minimise the malefic/bad effects of the planets. My date of Birth : 08/05/1976 ; Place of birth:Arakkonam(Tamil Nadu)-Longitude:079.43 East, Latitude:13.05 North.Time of Birth :06.05PM. I would be gratefull if you can advice me with suitable parihara to overcome this.
-- SAI PRASAD, India Nov 28 07
A: DearSAI Prasad, Gone through your chart. You are Libra Lagna and all the planets are hemmed between Rahu and Ketu causing Kal Sarp Dosha and it is called Anant Kal Sarp Dosha. As per the classics, this type of Kal Sarp Dosha makes the person is prone to be target of conspiracies hatched by people supposedly close to him. The person is likely to lose out in matters of courts, loss of honour. Married life would be marred by differences between husband and wife. This yoga makes the native full of struggle in achieving the targets and makes unable to take decisions. However, on going through the charts, the position of planets is very good and there are number of Raj yoga and Dhan yoga. Conjunction of Saturn and Mars is forming Dhan yoga as well as Raj yoga in the 10th house of very good quality and bestow you great command over your profession and prestige and further it is the conjuction of 5th and 7th lord in the 10th house a case of a love marriage. Your 10th lord is also in the 11th house aspected by Jupitor, a very good position. Lagna lord venus alongwith 11th lord Sun posted in the 7th house, is also a Dhan yoga and all the these two planets alongwith Jupitor and Mars from the 10th house makes the Lagna very strong. However, inspite of all the above good yoga, you may have to struggle. In order to pacify KSY, you are advised to Burn Ajwain, Guggal, Hing, the evening daily (b) On piece of Chandan wood engrave snake and put it on the neck(c) On Sakranti : Prepare Halwa in Desi Ghee and pour it in the copper plate and prepare place in the middle and place silver snake and donate it (d) Fan to self every day with Mor Pankh on rising up at morning (e) Arrange Kal Sarp Dosha Yantra ( Prepare on taking one piece of lead 3’x3’ and engrave pair of snake on it and on the other side, write Rahu Ketu Mantra and also recite 9 Mala of Rahu and Ketu Mantra on Wednesday in Rahu Kal and throw it in the running water. Do this remedy first every month and then every year. (f) Offer water mixed with milk on Monday to Shivling and recite Om Namah Shiva jap for 108 times Also Worship Goddess Durga and receite is Beej Mantra Om Dum Durgai Namah. Offer wine to Bhairon Ji on Wednesday. Since you are also running Saturn Sadesati, you are advised to Donate black Urd (Maa) and mustard oil on Saturday and also offer sweet water to Pippal Tree and burn Deepak under it on Thursday and Saturday.

With best wishes, (Kuldip Sharma)

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