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Q: Dear Amma, I came to USA in December 2001,I have a redional Driving license , issued by the motor vehical dept. India and also have an International Driving Permit issued by Govt of Motor vehicles India.I was told that till I get Driving license after passing the written and road test in USA, I can use the IDP for a span of one year.If that is the case, then will my IDP expire in USA in Dec 2002?Is there any way i can renew it?But in the IDP it is clearly mentioned that it is valid for a period of three yrs from Dec 2001.Now , u can understand my confusion?Can you please give me proper information, I live in Stamford, CT.Please help me in getting the proper information.I am also earnestly trying to learn driving here and pass the exam so that i can get the Driving license soon from US Authorities. Appreciate your help. Thanking you in anticipation. Radha.
-- Radha , United States 11/11/02
A: Radha,

There is no need to be so worried!

Since you have an IDPL, it means that you’ve been driving around here. This means you can do your driving test here, pass and be eligible to drive here.

It's not difficult for you to do the written exam and the driving exam and pass the test all within the time period that your IDP expires. Go to the license office and get the learning material today. Start preparing, and give the written test by the end of this week or the next. Take a week or so to practice parallel parking etc, and go and give your test. That's it. Once you pass it, y


Q: Hi, this is regarding my query dt. 19th sept. One of the amma (The queen) has told me that learner permit is valid for only a year. But I checked my learner licence, in that the expiry date is 2007. So does it mean I can drive till 2007 or is it by default I have to renew every year, please tell me?? And regarding practising late at night (as adviced by amma Aruna), my learner's license says I can drive only from morning 7.00 till evening 7.00, so can I drive after that or is it illegal? Do the learners licence differ for everyone?
-- abc, USA 09/25/02
A: Abc,

This is news to me ;) Yes, rules generally differ from state to state. So probably your learners is valid for more than a year. But, just in case, do check with your license office before you go out to practice.

Anyway, when I got my learners, it wasnt mentioned that I shouldnt drive at night. Anyway, since it's clearly mentioned, then I suggest you dont drive at night. If possible drive in the mornings (if there isnt much traffic) or in the afternoon. At least in the afternoons. There generally isnt much traffic, so it shouldnt be a problem. Weekends are also fine for practicing.


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