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Latest Computers Advice

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Q: Please tell me how I can hear downloaded songs from the net. should i save it in my hard disc. can i hear it with real player.
-- zxx, 07/16/02
A: It's very easy to download from the net. All you need to do is click on the link and choose mp3 format, and that's it. And yes, you can hear it with real player.


Q: how to do general housekeeping for my PC. what are the files to periodically delete, rearrange etc.
-- xxx, 07/15/02
A: Computer "Housekeeping"

Legally If you store personal records on a computer it is a legal requirement that: "You must safeguard your own or anyone else’s data, by appropriate precautions against loss, corruption or unauthorized disclosure". (Data Protection Act, 1998).

Financially Recovering lost data is both time-consuming and expensive.Employing a company to attempt to recover data from a corrupt hard disk of a PC can run into thousands of pounds.Valuable research contract deadlines can be missed whilst information is painstakingly re-entered.

Practically Whilst you strugg


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