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The Gate Way
-- Geetha Gopakumar

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Geetha Gopakumar, Thankyou very much for taking your time and answering my question.
-- Mrs. Sai   10/14/05
Dear amma, thank you for your time, your response was very thought provoking. I do agree that living under suspicion is the last thing one wants to do, that is why i sympathize with my husband. If feeling an innocent crush during college days which was nothing more than a stare or a coffee in canteen is a question on morality, then I think people should stop liking movie stars. I don't think Honesty destorys more marriages than infidelity, If given a change i rather be honest about my past 'cos my past is what has made me the person I'm today. I think you are right, i should choose to ignore his suspicion as a child like behaviour and look at all the positive things he does to make my day. Thank you so much for your time amma, i really appreciate it.
-- A   10/05/05
Hi Geetha, i still dont understand.i know the ratio for AAs and US$ is very high and thats why the amt seems to be less.But while AA$ increases there shd be atleast a very minute hike in the US$ rite?atleast after a month?but mine has been stagnant for 3 months.and my AA4 have multiplied by bounds and leaps.....what is the value/ratio convertor?i something like that available.kindly enlighten.Thanx a ton for your time and efforts.
-- vaish   10/05/05
Thanks a lot Geetha, Your advise showed me a new way to see things and strength to my values.I'll always remember your advise. Thanks Again love Shefali
-- shefai   09/26/05
Thanks Geetha! I will contact my doctor. But do you know whether I need to contact her before some specific number of days??
-- Sweet Girl   09/08/05
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