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-- Geetha Gopakumar

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Q: What is the minimum amount of receiving check for advisors and how much time it takes to receive the check?Please also let me know how frequently in a month you send a check?
-- preeti saxena, india 10/04/09
A: I don't think now paying the dues of advisors ( i.e. the USD in advisor's a/c) through cheque payment as several years back i also had received some cheques whenever I had USDs of above 50 USDs in my account. But for the last 2-3 years stopped this payment option and make it compulsory to release payments to advisors through On-line via PAYPAL the mediator. Now is sending releasing payment to advisor's paypal a/c and advisors can withdraw it to their local bank a/c if they had registered with paypal. Now releases payment to those advisors who have atlea


Q: At what rate you convert AA$ to US$?
-- Vijayan R, India 10/04/09
A: You can see the current rate of exchange runnin on board at the top right corner of yuor ammas page on login intself and the trend is also available there. Then you have to decide on which rate to offer by studying the trend available there, probably no un-expected can be expected, hence its good to offer a low rate of exchange than the rate running currently if you are in need of speedy realisation of sale of your AA$s to USD.


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