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-- Geetha Gopakumar

Latest Banking Advice

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Q: can i open an account with paypal so that my inward remittances are directly deposited into my bank account in india
-- krishnaswamy, india 02/14/09
A: Yes, you can open an account - like the advisors in opened a/c with paypal for inward/incoming payments, but it may not come directly into your local bank account, the payment send by some one will be transfered into your Paypal a/c only and from where you have to proceed with withdrawal comment by login to your paypal a/c putting user id and password. Then only your payment will reach into your bank account. For further and authentic information please visit the - website.


Q: Dear great advisors, First of all Thank you somuch for all your great support and suggestions for the sufferers. Appreciate somuch. Awesome job. I need your great advice for one of my problem with my husband. We have been married for 5 yrs. Things were not good from the beginning, still I am with him because of my daughter. Few years back he put some amount ( almost near to a 5 digit number) on my name only, but never he gave me any ATM or pin number for that account nor I never accessed that amount. Strangely he said to his parents I have asked him to put that amount on my name which I never asked. During one of my family problems discussions with his parents they questioned me about that amount and I told them never I asked for it nor I accessed that amount . After few months he asked me to take all that amount out and give it to him. I said first tell your parents that you lied, he never did and so I never put the signature to take out that money. Since he has ATM card for that account he tried to take out daily in a row of 5 days and so the bank person has called me and said there is a transaction in a row of 5 days . I told her to put the account on freeze. Since the account is on freeze for so many years ( there is no activity of withdrawal nor deposit) the bank is charging some dollars as a penality( 1 digit number) every month. Now my husband is saying if you don’t take out that money it will go to charity. I don’t care for the money. He lied to his parents. Now he is telling that he will go to court and sue me on this as his money is getting wasted for every month penality of no action of account in bank and pretty soon it may go to charity. My question is will I be in problem? Will I face any problems if so what would be those. Can he really sue me on this? Please help me and give your suggestions and great advices. He was telling soon he is going to see a lawyer and will take action on me on this. Please help me whether I will be in risk. Kind Regards, Sufferer.
-- kavi, USA 02/10/09
A: Its clear that he is basically a liar. He is unfaithful to you and to his parents. Since you didn’t have with your ATM Card or Account Number how is it possible to withdraw that money by yourself? IF some withdrawn it then only your husband. May be he had other private business/expense for which he had withdrawn that money. A fraud character. You cannot trust him. If there is something balance in the same then never allow him to withdraw it himself without your presence. Other wise you may suggest to transfer this amount to a deposit/term account. You have to make it clear categorically to h


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