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-- Geetha Gopakumar

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Q: Hello Sir, I am Surya. I am from Bangalore, I got married on 22nd feb 2007. My wife was not interested for this marriage. Her expectations are more. We are not so rich. I am working in a software company. We are depending on the salary. I don't have own house. Her mother was involving more on our day to day family matters. Her parents are also staying in Bangalore. My wife is also working in small company. Her Boss is close to her & he was also involving in our family matters. My wifes mother is getting advise from him. My wife's mother wanted me to shift my house nearer to her house. Aslo they are expecting that I should not ask any questions to her, Even if she comes late & If I ask anything, she used to tell me that "she would commit sucide & put my name in the paper. Her mother & she always used to tell that law will always support ladies & gents can't do anything. She is having a support from her company boss, so she was not listening to me. For silly thing she used to make it a big issue & she used to go back to her parents house. I saw this 2 to 3 times. I lost all hopes on her. On 25th dec 2007, once again her mother & she cmae to my house directly from the office. Unneccesarily behaving in the nonsense way. I also argued with them. After that as usuall she went back to her parents house & didn't come back. I went 3 times to call her back. As usuall they are not talking properly with me. So I dicided to go for a court to come out of this. I went for the divorce case on May 30th 2008. Now they are happy & expecting 20 lakhs or 25000 per month componsation. I am getting 35000 per month salary. I am not intersted to give monthly componsation. I would like to go for one time settlement. But they are not responding. If the court decides how much maximum I should give as monthly. Can I ask court for one time settlement. If so how much maximum I should give as one time settlement. She is also working & getting 9000 per month. Since her boss is close to her & that is a small company there is no salary slip. Is it possible for her to show lesser salary. Can anybody give a good legal advise.
-- Surya, Bangalore 08/22/09
A: Interference and unlimited or conditional and unconditional support from others in our family life –in between husband and wife’s emotional issues even if its from parents or in-laws or outsiders is not going to benefit in any way. Those who are in this way and those who accept and accomplish or appreciate such interference should keep in mind that others have nothing to lose anything in taking sides and making interference. Hence setting limit on receiving and allowing to interference must be done. Others have nothing to lose anything and it makes bondages and make us submissive. Now its


Q: Sir, Please favour me with the legal advice in the dispute of following matter: My Grandfather by registered deed given ‘6 ‘ Kathas of land to my father. After the death of my father, My Mother and 2 Nos brother filed a partition suit against me. (Age of my mother is 84 Years). The said case is still running in the hon’able court. During the running period of case one of my Un-married brother died. Now as per law the share of land of my died brother will be given to my mother as confirmed by the advocate. Automatically my mother is elligible for ‘3’ Kathas of land out of ‘6’ Kathas. It is now declared in the court by the advocate of my mother that she transferred her entire share to my brother. Please send your advice whether the said Transfer of Land is legally permitted, when the hon’able court not yet distributed the land to any person. Thanking you Yours faithfully Indrajit
-- Indrajit, Middelston street, Chicago 08/18/09
A: No, it is not legally standing. Since its your grand father's property that given by deed to your father, after his death your mother is only caretaker of this property which belongs to the her children born for her husband-the owner of the property. she cannot dispose or do any thing other than handling power only on this property. Out of the childen if one died as unmarried then that persons share shall also to be devided to other children


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