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-- Happy Momma

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Q: hello amma, I am a regular viewer of your site. Your site is full of information.Can you please help in getting rid of Trojan.Iframe.Exec virus and Com.BOOt.Virus.I recently came to know when I scanned through the Defender Virus Scanner.Can you please help me out. Rashmi.N
-- rashmi, dubai 07/19/02
A: Rashmi,

You need an Anti Virus Software to do this. Just deleting the files wont help.

Mac A Fee and Norton AnitVirus are the best Anti Virus software available in the Market today. Get anyof them and clean your system.


Q: Hi Amma, I like to record music from net on CD. Could you tell me the procedure? Most of the music i listen use REalplayer. Thank you
-- CR, USA 07/18/02
A: You will first need to download the music in a wav or MP3 format onto your computer. Then you will have to burn the CD.

You will need a softare that let's you do it. I have adaptec Direct CDand it works well.


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