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-- somayajulu sistla bhavani

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Dear Sir, Thanks for your response,but i hope in my chart lagna & rasi is aries,but how the jupiter is posited in lagna, mars & mercury posited in 7th,actually in my chart jupiter is 4th place, mars & mercury is 10th place, please check it.
-- Venkatachalam   06/01/07
Hello Somayajuluji, Here are the details.... Puttagunta is in Nandivada Mandal, Krishna District, A.P.Nandivada is one of the largest mandals or divisions in the krishna district of India's Andhra Pradesh state.It is situated north east of Gudivada between gudiwada and eluru. My husband’s DOB is 5th Feb, 1972 at 9:58 A.M in Puttagunta in Andhra Pradesh. Does he have Kuja Dosham? My DOB is 25th Oct 1977 at 3:10 P.M in Tatipaka near Amalapuram, E.G.DT in Andhra Pradesh. How is our married life? Do our horoscope’s match each other and how compatible we are? My husband is having some health problems and when he will be cured completely? We have shown to various doctors but the health is not improving. What are the important Yoga’s does we both have? Are there any special poojas to be performed for any improvement on our married life? How many children will we have?When would we buy a house on our own? We are very worried about the future because of my husband's health. Hope you would provide us with some solution.
-- Ratna   05/30/07
hello sir, many many thanks for ur response... actually i wanted to know if my grand parents will take care of my marriage as my father,who always shuns responsibilities, is very reluctant to do it.even if some matches come to me..he is spoiling them.its true sir...u can verify them from my chart.. my aunts were treated very very terribly by my father who was supposed to take their responsibility as my grand father was no more. since my child hood i was facing lot of challenges with him. i work and draw a good salary.still my fate is the same.he grabs my salary and still treats me very horribly.he is a selfish and vulgar fellow. i dont want him to interfere in my marriage issues as i am being treated very badly and i dont want to look at his face again.pls analyse my chart and tell me if this can this happen?or will i have these kind of issues with my husband also?is mine a forcible marriage?
-- tripu   05/27/07
sistla somayajulu's Thankyou very very much for your response and valuable time. god bless you . my BF birth detail july 3rd 1977 time: 5.30pm evening place : bhullarai .phagwara ,punjab India i don't know if we r compatible with each other. 1 more question, since you are very good in astrology ,will being myself manglik effect spouse's income or family after marriage ?? Thanks waiting for your answer
-- kam   05/25/07
Thank you for your reading. Will I go to abroad? If i find a girl whose mars also in 8th is it ok? partha.
-- par   05/23/07
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