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The Gate Way
-- Geetha Gopakumar

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Dear Mrs. Nandakumar, Thank you very much for your time and advice. some how i am unable to compromise with this issue at least i am so worried and confused why she should tell the lie to me... As we are away, one lie makes me to suspect all over the period. I have spoke to her as you have been described but additionally i have told her that atleast here after there shouldn't be any more lies, keeping separate accounts ect.. But for which i gave her time to think and only if she accepts i am going to call her to the UK. I have confident on her but things like this makes me mad. I have not even had a good sleep for weeks. Even though all the advisors told me not to ask her again about her lies and what happened etc.. but i still feel i have every right to know the fact otherwise I will keep thinking and assuming all the worst scenerios. I feel, we require a prof. councelling. Can you recommend any counselors or if you are willing to counsel my wife (if she is interested in), i could ask her to speak with you remotely. And i could pay for that.( somehow from my posting all the advisers misunderstood as she staying in India, actually we work in different countries within Europe) Thanking you once again, Regards, B.Naidu
-- B   10/27/05
Hi geetha,thanks for your answer.there was really some problem with it,as the tech support group answered.they said that the bug has been fixed.thanks for the tip.I now save all my answers,just in case.
-- Vini K   10/25/05
Hi Mrs. GOpakumar, I really liked your advice. It is so good in terms of expression and content. Keep up your good work. regards, B.Naidu
-- B   10/23/05
Thanx ma'am...was a great relief reading it. Hanging around working abt it I realised that 26 years have gone by nd I am still trying. Is it worth it??
-- trb   10/20/05
hi geetha garu thanx a lot for answering to my query,ur answer is valuable to me.thanku very much
-- pratima   10/17/05
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