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-- Happy Momma

Latest Spirituality Advice

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Q: Hello all Ammas, thankyou for your wonderful replays. I want to lean "Hanuman Kavacham" [kannada version] can any one of Amma get me this. Thank you
-- dst, 11/25/02
A: I couldnt find a Kannada version, but here is it in Telugu. Since Telugu and Kannada have a similar script, I thought this should be helpful too.…


Q: Is there any site where I can learn clairvoyance free online.
-- Sims, UAE 11/24/02
A: Clairvoyance is the ability to know things perceive things that aren’t easily perceived by the brain. It’s also called ESP or extra sensory perception. It’s not something that you can learn anywhere. I don’t think it can be developed either. It’s a power or a quality that you either have or don’t. Sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t think there are sites where you can learn it, because it’s not something that can be learnt.


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