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-- Happy Momma

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Q: Hi Ammas, I got a ticket for jumping red light and I paid up the fine. Also, the car I dashed into was damaged along with mine for which I claimed my insurance. There were some external fittings to be replaced but my car was just fine. I want to know what information will be in the carfax for my car? Will this minor incident will still be reported as accident in my car's carfax? Or will it be reported at all? I want to know who reports to carfax and all about it. Thanks in advance.
-- Sreeja, US 12/30/02
How does a Carfax report look like?

Every car has something called a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). It's a 22 digit alphanumeric number. In India it's called the Chassis number. With this number, a person can get the details of the car.

When you buy the car, all the details are with the Insurance Company. Now since you've been through an accident, these details will be with your car service station, & with the insurance company. If someone wants to find the details of your car, they can register in carmax, and get the details. If you want to know about accidents and how they affect the value of the car: www.a


Q: Amma, During rainy and winter season, our car windows become very foggy and we cannot see thru it. So we have to switch on the A/C and after sometime it becomes clear. But its very difficult amma to keep the A/C on during such season as we feel very cold inside. Is there any other method to clear the fog without having to switch on the A/C?? Pleaes help amma.
-- carhelp, usa 12/11/02
You dont really need to keep it cold. You can switch on the heater. Make sure you keep it for the windshield. This will work just as fine as keeping it cold inside.


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