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-- Geetha Gopakumar

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Q: I have to incorporate a company whose main business would be dealing in security devices, so plz tell me which laws will be applicable on it?
-- shweta, delhi, India 08/31/09
A: In present scenario of increasing crimes everyday, need of security devices is very urgent. With security devices placed in your home and office, you can avert some big mishappenings like robbery or burglary. Now day's home security devices are more of need rather than luxury. In earlier times, only rich people were at the risk of theft or burglary but people are getting more and more impatient to get easy money in no time and hence attacking poor or middle class people also to exhort whatever money they have. Installing security devices is important for the people of classes. These security


Q: Thanks Chandrasekharan for your advise. Well I have taken in writing in front of two witnesses while she was leaving my house what she took with her. The only mistake which i did at that time was that the letter and the list of articles was drafted by my own handwriting. Though I had two witnesses who were present there at the time she left. Her brother in law came to my house to took her. Her parents never spoke to us though her elder sister came to Mumbai after 3 days. My lawyer replied to there notice stating that she had already taken all her belongings with her and nothing is left with me. Since it is obvious from her notice and there behaviour that she does not want to continue the relation we have asked for mutual seperation which i think they wont be interested. There sole interest is to extract money from me. In this scenario kindly guide me what to do
-- Anonymous, Unknown 08/25/09
A: A court will thoroughly consider the evidences and circumstances before giving their ruling in favour of either or party with regard to their money/loss claim demands while considering a divorce petition. COnsult a good advocate and expain your stand and the actual position/issue status.


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