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-- somayajulu sistla bhavani

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Respected sir, firstly i'd like to thank you for your advice. i would surely try and do the needful very soon. as you've indicated i m already going through all these hardships in all fronts of life. please tell me what is nav nag stotra and nagpash yantra. i will surely do as adviced soon. once again thank you so much for your kind advice. regards, sonal.
-- sonal   08/07/07
Thank you sistla somayajulu for your suggestons and reply to my query.i will definitely help poor and old people by any means.thnks once again
-- Raja   08/05/07
Thank you for he explanation. I really appreciate it.
-- hema   08/02/07
Thank you for you for your kind and very honest answer. I can understand why it would be necessary to convert. The Sri Yantra is too sacred to have any fly by night seeker who doesn't understand playing around with it. I am a very prayerful person, and I have tried to remain faithful to one faith- the Dalai Lama said, and I agree, that it is best to remain in the faith of one's own culture. It is easier to understand the difference between cultural practice and spiritual practice. One can go deeper when starting in familiar territory. I was raised with many religions and none-I chose Christianity as a teenager because God was so important to me, and I lived in a small town that offered few choices. I fell completely in love with God then; now I am over 50, and know that I know nothing, but the love of God, and the worship of God is the most important thing- finding the Holy within and in each person I meet.My advanced degree is in Pastoral Studies, and I am a spiritual director- people come to me to learn how to pray, and how to live a life of love and peace. My home is a retreat house. the reason I want to do the pooja is that I have seen the Sri Yantra 3 times in my own meditation. It was triangles emanating from a central point, moving outward, and rotating counterclockwise. The colors were red, orange, yellow, with a purple background. The first 2 times I didn't know what it was, just that it was a great gift from God. I was very grateful. A few years later, I found out what it was called when I found the painting of it at a workshop on sacred geometry. It wasn't until this spring that I found the website, and finally found out just how blessed I had been. I saw it again only two weeks ago. I have no idea why or how this happened, but it seems that this knowledge was given so that I could pray or meditate with it. I am very drawn to do so. The idea of doing the proper rite with it seems appropriate, too. The more senses we use in prayer, the more it stays with us, and the more effect it has in transforming us. If you have any insight about why someone like me, a non-Hindu, would see this, please let me know. I wish that we could all share the wisdom of our respective faiths; there is inspiration in all of them. Mine is exclusive as well-they all are, to one degree or another. I think that all the religions are like paths, with roadsigns, pointing the way to the same place. It is usually easier to stay on one path, but sometimes there is a road sign that leads to a beautiful view, or to a better, clearer path with fewer stumbling blocks. Sometimes the sign sends you a landing on the side of a river, where there is a boat to carry you across. Unless you use the boat, you may be caught in a current and swept far downstream, away from the goal. But the river must be crossed. Thank you for reading all this-you seem from your picture to be a compassionate person. You must be special if you are a friend of Lathaa. Right now, I just pray that we all find our way to the goal, and that we have the best intention and give the best effort we can. In the love of God, Anne
-- Anne   08/01/07
Thanks a lot - for your reply & for taking to time to do our charts. I will pray for u at the temples I wud be visiting. Good day! Neelam
-- Neelam   06/25/07
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