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The Gate Way
-- Geetha Gopakumar

Comments From My Users

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Many thanks for your time and advice.
-- arathi   11/17/05
Thank you so much for your valuable reply. I feel kind of relief. Thank you again. Regards, sangari
-- sangeetha   11/11/05
Dear Amma, Thank you very much.
-- Sharada   11/10/05
thanks a lot
-- sanjana   11/08/05
hi, thanks for the answer.i posted this query before anything abt this from the technical team was that they have briefed it,i got it.anyways,not so clear..did u say they sell and buy between categories?i thought its between members..did u try trading?and what was it like?if u can give me any info then'll i'll be greatful..i have quoted my prices and there seems to be some selling or buying so far..let me know if u know anything.thanks in advance.
-- vaish   11/08/05
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