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-- Geetha Gopakumar

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Q: I have so many AA$ which I want to change to US$ but I am unable to do that - why?
-- SYED EHTRAM ALI, Saudi Arabia 02/01/10
A: Normally the current exchange rate or less than it if offered then your AA$s may be traded to USD very quickly. The selling/trading performance has been increased much in recent months. You can see the current rate of exchange in your home page itself.


Q: I think most of us liked that feature. Do you think we will be getting it back? Many of my friends stopped advising on Ammas after the feature was taken away. How can we get it back? Suggestions?
-- Disha ., United States 01/27/10
A: I had never tried in past to shop with AA$s when this facility was available, as i was feared on hearing the experience of ammas whom tried to shop with AA$s.

Now this facility is not working even after prolong initiatives.

May be the those who want some items ( though the list was only selected) then they can avail this facility by spending their earned AA$s, and it will be an inspiration to work more and more with


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