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-- Geetha Gopakumar

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Q: how will i know my query is private?It is saying that you rbalance is lower? can i make it private or not? thanks
-- neha s, United States 01/26/10
A: To post/make a query private, require sufficient AA$s to spend for the same. If the system shows your balance is insufficient then right now its not possible other than buying some AA&s by spending some USD in your hand.

Purchase some AA$s against USD and then try!


Q: I asked a question which has a great importance for my client to get answered.these kind of queries are best can be discussed on net and not in public. then why it has been made unaccepteble? please explain.
-- Anonymous, India 01/16/10
A: To comment about it there is a need to find the query you asked and rejected by the Council Members.


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