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-- Happy Momma

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Q: hai dear ammas, Please tell me waht to do with computer to wrk efficiently.Though I have lot of hard disk space available, I feel My system performing slow many times.Sometimes it says out of memory....but the no. of applications running would be nothing except one. how to unlock memory and not get such messages? thanks a lot. Kasthuri.
-- kasthuri, usa 07/23/02
A: Do you have a lot of programs on start up. If you have Windows NT, look up services under Control panel to see if you have any programs starting up automatically. Go to the properties of each of them, and just uncheck the tabs that says Start on Start up.

Go to Systems option under Control Panel, go to the Performance tab, adn choose Virtual Memory. Choose the option which enables the system to allocate the virtual memory. This should surely work.


Q: amma,i would like to copy my hard disc saved songs(i have some songs in my hard disc)to a cd that is playable in my car.i have cd burner in my computer.can i do it?if any body knows plz let me know,thanks in adv.
-- rama, us 07/23/02
A: hi Rama, you need a CD burner to do this.

Most Cd burners can burn music in any format. Anyway, but a few burners are there specifically for Mp3 files.

Anyway, I have Adaptec Direct Cd and it works great. Anyway, if you already have a CD burner software installed, then you will have to follow it step by step. It's not difficult to do. All you need to do will be given to you step by step. Once youve burned the CDs, youre done, you can listen to them anywhere either in your car, or even just a CD player.


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