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-- somayajulu sistla bhavani

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Dear Sistla , Thank you for your answer. I have a lot of bad things in my life. But emotions and heart are the most important things. I felt my self better after your answer. Thank you again.
-- zeynep   10/19/07
Thank you very much for your verdict.
-- Naresh   10/10/07
hello sistla somayajulu ASAP means - as soon as poosible , i want to know if me & my friend have a future together my D.O.B - 23/04/1979 T.O.B - 3.55 pm P.O.B - vishakapatanam in Andhra Pradesh, India my friends D.O.B - 4/03/1976 T.O.B - 2.00 am P.O.B - vishakapatanam in Andhra Pradesh, India thank you very much
-- priya   10/02/07
Respected Sir, i am very much thankful for the kind advice you have given me. i will surely do the puja on 18th and i hope it bears some fruits as well. once again thank you so much for your kind help. in case something else comes up i will surely get in touch with you. best wishes to you. regards, sonal.
-- sonal   08/11/07
I sincerely thank you for your time and advice. I will follow your suggestions. Thanks once again
-- Lakshminarayan   08/07/07
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