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Q: What is a good date for moving in to new house (grah pravesh muhurat) after March 26, 2008. We are getting conflicting dates from different pandits. The house is in Michigan USA facing North East.
-- Rahul, Detroit, MI, USA Feb 19 08
A: Dear Rahul, The information given by you is not sufficent,for grah pravesha muhurat,pls supply the full particulars:- 1.Date of birth,Place of birth and Time of birth. 2.Clearly mention the name of the owner and the another family members who are going to reside in the house.It is good that u have supplied the place and the direction(facing direction) of the house, but dear it is not sufficent,so put ur query again with full detailed information and also mention the requirement of the murtha that as u have given the begining date ,but not the ending date required for muratha.

Q: Hello Ranbirji, I would like to provide more details if you can ask specified questions that can help you make the decision wisely. Also for curiousity can you forecast any single event in my life? Thanks, Rakesh.
-- Rakesh Mohan, United States Feb 19 08
A: Dear Rakesh Mohan, Plz give ur birth details as i need the particulars in a single spell. First of all i would like to tell that u have won some case in the period that in sept 2005. With the detail which is supplied by u in this question,it can only be forseen,but if u want to know something through prashna than time of question should also be mentioned.One more thing dear,with the help of prashna we can predict the answer to a single query that the work will be done or not,but we can predict the events of life after having the correct birth particulars,so supply the below given particulars and get ur bith time rectified and then ask the events of life,yes if u want know a particular work,its results then mention the question then give one digit (from1 to9),one fruit name,one name of some holy place then i will be able to reply ur answer to that particular ouestion,that the work will be done or not or will take how much time to get that work done or which are the remedies required for get the work done.OR the other way is put a question while mentioning the time of question in the query then with the help of prashna chart we can reply one question to a answer,lastly with the help of full(accurate) birth particulars we can know the events of one's life,the way in which u have posted the question is not a proper one. If u want to get ur birth time rectified then supply the below given details:-- 1.DOB 2.TOB(from which time till which time) 3.POB 4.ur apperance(ur look,height,complection etc.) 5.ur likes and dislikes,ur nature 6.ur health,wealth,landed property,ur parents(about them,if they are living then ur terms with them if some of them is not in this world then when he or she departed from this world) 7.ur co-borns(brother and sisters)and ur terms with them 8.ur education mention the type of education and someting spl in that. 9.job,its type,mention the period ,when u got the job also mention the period when u changes the job. 10.Mention the time when u left ur motherland,ur residence abroad and period of purchase/sale of the property. 11.marriage and marriage timings 12.progny(birth of child,and period of birth etc.)any other happining in ur life,with detail of that. My best wishes are with u.

Q: Are you happy with the present level of awareness about global warming in India? Why, or why not?
-- Anonymous, India Feb 27 08
A: Dear Anonymus, No, i am not happy with the present level of awareness about global warming in India.

This is a period of science, in this scientific world the progress is increased with the help of machinery, but when machinery is used more in quantity, then there increases the pollution, this increased level of pollution is giving rise to global warming.

In these days there is a lot of increase in the vehicles as in olden periods there were cycles ,very popular,with these there was no scope of pollution,but in these days with the increase of vehicles(the cars,scooters etc),with these the consumption of fuel increases and this also give rise to global warming.

In these days, this is said to be the industrial era, these industries are also increasing pollution, so the main cause of global warming.

Now days there are some countries which are planning for necular wars and at national level, they are testing their necular bombs etc, from time to time this is also the major cause of global warming.

More the progress is there more are the chances of the global warming.In India there is no awareness is there.People do not know, what is global warming and what bad effects are there.

Our government should take sincre step to let the know what is global warming. The govt. should start setting camps which can help the people to know how to keep pollution contolled, how the global warming will destroy the mankind and should tell that how every individual can play an important role to have protection from global warming.

I think at national level some countries are preparing to stop the thought of neculer war and comman wealth has also played an important role in it, but dear we have to discuss here only for India, in India the people not even know that what is ozon and what are its effects when it is reduced.

Let me tell the little bit i know about ozone--it is a protective layer in the environment, which saves the human-beings from the sun rays and their effect.

Due to global warming this proctive layer is loosing its strength as the quantity of ozone has been decreased from the required level, with its decrease there may occur skin problems to the individuals, there may be some more problems like this.

The polluted air from all sides is giving rise to the global warming, so our government should organise the health camps which can show light to people of India that they should aviod creating pollution, use vehicles in need only, they should know, how polluted air is dangerous for them and how with polluted air, there is rise in health problems like asthma, lungs problem etc.

In cities the pollution is more as compare to the villages, but in village’s people are also using disel etc more as compare to the olden times, this should be reduced and more elecity supply should be given to the farmers to cultivate their farms.

At village level there is also a need of organising camps.

The lectures on this subject should be given in public mettings.In govt depertments people should be allowed to attend these camps from time to time. In schools and colleges this should also be taught as independent subjects. People should be awarded who helps to reduce the pollution level.

If Indian Government can control population increase, then why not global warming, only need is there to have a sincere look for this problem.

I think every individual can help this problem if he/she think over the sitution,so let start from today. My best wishes are with the all.

Q: With 93 women to every 100 men, is India doing enough to prevent female infanticide and girl-child maltreatment? What more could be done?
-- Anonymous, India Mar 05 08
A: Dear Anonymus, Now a days there is a lot of awareness is there in this matter.Thought of parents has also been changed in these days for a girl child,they like female child as compare to male chil.But 25% of the strength has the thought as without the male child their generation will have a stop,so they need the male child.There is a need to guide them only.Our Government is already doing enough in the field of family planning and is also doing a lot to protect the female foets. There are no sex checks , allowed at the time of pregnecy.Docctors and ultrasound operators are not doing these tests as there is a panic of punishment is there for this act.But there may be some illegal labs and clinics ,be there ,these should be checked and punished, so that they should not dare to do so in future.

Our Government has done a lot as there is a free education for the girl chid.Indian Government has started a scheme for weeker section to help their daughters at the time of their marriage,our Government pays some amount as a shagun at the time of marriage of a girl child.

I think that the people are also doing a lot for promoting the girl child.100 women to every 100 men are doing enough to prevent the female infanticide and girl child and the maltreatment with them. Our society has changed a lot or we can say that this change has been imposed for this noble cause. But there is still a need to do more for this as in rural area people are not satisfied with the girl child,they are always in search of male child. I agree that our Govt is doing a lot for this,but still need is there to help the female foets.

To promote this our Government should give extra benefits to the parents of a girl child as the parents ,who have only girl child,should be awarded with some good reward,so that other parents feel excited for those.In weaker section parents thought that they will not be able to marry their daughter,so they like to have a male child ,so that can take his help for their earnigs. Parents also think that girl will go to her in laws house and they will suffer in their old age,so they like to have a male child for their protection in their old age,so our Govt. should try to give more facilities to the parents of a girl child,in their old age.In other words we can say that the parents of a girl child should be protected in their old age ,this should be the responsibility of the Govt. In bussiness community the bussinessman should be given an extra rebate in any way,may be in income tax etc.,who has only girl child. I jobs the emloyees should also be given some benefits,who has only girl child. Some camps should be organised to promote the female foets,and people should be given the knowledge that when,there will be a increase in the male child,then they will not be able to marry their son,as there will be a shortage of girls. In rural India the need is more to give awareness to the society as the parents ,there are always in need of male child and they dislike the female child.The rural mothers are always tortured to give birth to male child. Fathers and even mothers in rural areas are always feel that girls should not be born in their families,the boys should be there.There is a special need to make up there mind for girl child as girls are more helpful to parents,in their need.

Let all of us should also do something for this serious subject as the female foets is the creater of the world. People should be guided as we like our mothers,they are females,we like our wives,they are also females and we also like other relations in female society then why not daughters. One important thought is also there,people thought tht who have daughters only then at the time of death,who will do the last ceromonies at the time of demise,no worries in these days the females are controlling the cremation grounds,if they can control these then why not last writes. Now the girls are also allowed to do all the last writes as the boys do,so need is there to guide the parents that the girls,who are by nature soft can do everything as the boys can,they should be given a chance to grow,let us start from today promote the girl child.

Q: My original query was: Dear astrologers, I would like to know when we will have a baby?.Iam so much concerened about the baby,and iam totally depressed , i will be very thankful if some one could help me ASAP. My dob - 1981-june 12th -birth time 2.32pm , (friday) and place of birth musiri,Trichy Dt- Tamilnadu. my husbands DOb - 1971 - jan 11th birth time is 5.10Am,and place of birth trichy, tamilnadu marriage date - 2003 - sep 7th held at tirupathi, AP. I would like to know when i will have baby and would it be boy or girl? and you have told'Dear Anonymus, It is good that you are much concerned about Ur baby, but there is no need to be depressed.I has gone through both the horoscopes. First of all I would like to tell that there is no matching is there in both Ur horoscopes, have u not got these matched at the time of marriage.As u know that this is not the stage to discuss the matching ,but let us discuss some points which effects the married life. You are manglik, but Ur husband is non manglik.Mars is there in the 8th house in ur horoscope, I think ur life is marred by querrels.Plz be concious and control ur forward nature upto limits as there are chances for extra martial relations as the planetry position shows.There are chances of the possibility of hidden relations, so be vigel and control ur feelings with extra care. But there is no need to worry about mangal dosha, it is nullified as Ur lagan lord is Venus and there is also an aspect of Jupiter is there on mars. There is also a gana dosha and bhakut dosha present in the matching. Due to gana dosha there is a possibility of frequent temperamental clashes between both of u; this can lead towards sepration, so both of u should try to avoid clashes between each other. In bhakut dosha there is not so melafic effect is there as ur rashi is libra and ur husband’s is gemini which is at the 9th from ur rashi,hence will give enjoyment and prosperity(the dosh effect nullifies with the 9th position),moreover the mercury and venus both ur rashi lords are friends,this also nullifies the bhakut dosha. Now let us discuss the 2nd house the house kutumb.We are discussing the horoscope of Ur husband first.The 2nd lord is in 5th shows good position i.e at the 4th position from itself, which is good but the mars have the aspect on the 2nd house and the 2nd lord, which will give little bit problem in the increase of family. Now the 5th lord the lord of progny is mars it is in the 11th house it is said to be good position as this is the house of fulfilment of desires, his desire about progny will be fulfilled, but with little obstacles, as the mars the natural malefic have the aspect on the 5th house and 5th lord.But there is kara of children (jupiter) has no aspect on the 5th house and 5th lord.But do not worry dear his Beej Sputha falls in pisces and the karka for children has also an aspect on it so chances are bright for progny.There is no problem in him in having the progny as the sputa falls in even sign,so get urself checked. This year there are chances for him for having progny as the Saturn and Jupiter is fullfilling the promise for giving him progny, but as the Saturn is posited there in the 5th house will delay in progny, so remedies are required for it.Favourable period for him is from 17-9-2008 onwards. In Ur horoscope ur 2nd lord mars is in 8th (that obstacles in increase in kutumbh) shows bad position but the aspect of jupiter gives a saviour factor. Now let us come to the 5th house the 5th lord saturn is in 12th,is at the 8th position from itself,means there are obstacles in having the progny,but no need to worry as it has the association with tke karaka for childern(jupiter),but 12th house gives the affliction here and there is no malefic or the benefic aspect is there on the 5th house or the 5th lord, there is also an affliction to the 5th lord and the karka for progny,in the navmasha.The conclussion is this that overall the position of 5th lord is not so good.But in Sapatmamsha there is no afflection to the 5th house from mars and there is no afflection from rahu and mercury is there to the lagna.So childern are not denied in ur horoscope.Your Beeja Ksheta falls in Aries sign i.e. the odd sign,hence medical treatment is necessary/required for u for having progny. In December 2008 saturn and jupiter will give blessings for having childern,so grab the chance and immediately start the treatment.You will be a mother of a male child upto the period of 6-4-2009. The dasha sequence of both of u will also be favourable at the give time. My best wishes are with both of u. ' I have few questions regarding this answer.Please kindly help me: Will i conceive in december 08 to april 09 or will i deliver in this period?does my chart indicate child birth during this time? How will be my marriage life?will there a problem?
-- siva kumari, United States Mar 25 08
A: Dear Siva Kumari, You will conceive in this period,the period is for getting the treatment started.Both of you will be able to get the baby with the help of medical treatment,so get ready and start the treatment immediately.Your married life will be so so,but will improve after the baby's birth. My best wishes are with both of you.

Q: Hi Ranbir Ji, How are you? I need to seek your guidance regarding my job. This morning, I got notification that my contract will end on Feb 7th(thursday), even thou it was a year long contract and was suppose to end in August, 2008, it is ending due to budget cuts. I dont understand why it happens to me all the time with job, no contract lasted longer than 6 months, even thou I was working hard and was appreciated for my work. Can you please tell me when will I get my next job(contract)? Does this period looks favorable for getting the job soon? My Birth Details: Date: 5th, September, 1977 Time: 10.20am, Place: Secunderabad, India. Thanks, Gopi Krishna
-- Krish Laddu, Unknown Mar 25 08
A: Dear Krish, Gone through ur horoscope for ups and downs in ur career, this all is due to the kaal sarap yoga as the kaal sarap yoga is present in ur horoscope.Let me describe a little about this when all the seven planets are situated in between rahu and ketu, then kaal sarap yoga is formed.It is necessary to do remedy for this, to avoid the ups and downs in the career.I think I have already advised some remedies.Now let us discuss the problem which arose on 16.1.2008(morning).Do one thing on this Tuesday that for one Tuesday read Hanuman Chalisa (one) at bed time. This will nullify the bad effect of transit.The main problem in job can be seen by the 10th lord and Ur 10th lord is moon, its position is not good here as it is in the 8th house,shows little break in career(job),if u have already got the problem faced then there are no worries for the obstacles in the job.But after a liittle break there are good chances for achieving the high rank and the rahu has also the aspect on the 10th lord ,will definitely give u chance to rise in foreign land as the rahu is of its own sign,means is strong in ur horoscope. There is a patyanter of mercury (retrograde planet), is there in these days it will not give good results as it is associated with sun the karka for job, hence will create problems in job/service,but in navmasha the position of 10th lord is not good again and in dasmamsha the position of 10th lord is improved as it is in own sign in dasmamsha ,is the savior factor.The karka for job is in 11th house in birth chart,shows good position and shows that ur desires will be fulfilled regarding ur career/job.In ashatakvarga ur 10th house has 27 numbers these are below 30,not showing good scope in job ,but ur 6th house has maximum numbers these are 38,these shows that there is a big rise in ur career by entering through compettions,so get ready to compete.The time is more fruitful from 7-4-2008,but this time is also not said to be bad.From this date i.e,from 7-4-2008 there is a dasha bukti of jup/sat/ketu is there ,the dasha lord jupiter also has the aspect on the 10th house in the moon chart and the saturn the antra lord has itself posited in the 10th house and the patyanter of ketu is thereand it(ketu) is also aspecting the 10th house will give good results in its dasa.In birth chart saturn the antra lord it at the 2nd position from the dasha lord jupiter,will give financial benefit in its sub dasha and the ketu is at the 9th position from sub dasha lord ,will also give auspicious results in its antra,here ketu is of its own sign,will give more than expections. In these days the dasha bukti of jup/sat/mercury is there,there patyantar is of a retrograde planet,will give u good health and will increase ur desires and these desires will be fulfilled,this time is also not so bad as I have mentioned earlier that take oppurtunity through compettion,the success will be in ur hands. Now let us see the kakshas in which the planets are and will be fruitful or not.As the dasha of jup/sat/mer is going on in these days.let us see the dasha lord first,the dasha lord jupiter is in the kaksha of sun and the sun is there in the 11th house and there are 3 bindus in the ashatkavarga of sun,these bindus are below5,hence there will be a little problem in job in these days,so remedy of sun is must,I think I had suggested this earlier. Let us see the antra lord saturn,it is also there in the kaksha of sun so again the same position and the sun has 3 bindus,so remedy is required as given earlier. The patyantra lord is in the kaksha of mercury and the mercury is posited there in the 11th houseand has 5 bindus in 5th house shows good position, and there are also 6 bindus in the 10th house in the ashtakvarga of mercury, this shows no scope in the ending of contract, there is a possibility of increase in the contract or u may have more good job within no time as the the time is favourable so grab the chance.

Q: Date of Birth: 13-12-1970
Time of Birth:22:12
Place of Birth:Medford, OR

I'm searching for remedies for Natal Retrogade Saturn (in Aries in 9th House) and debilitated Mars (with Venus in 3rd house) I am currently in Saturn/Rahu through Dec 4. Leo is my ascendent and Mars and Saturn are Transiting through Leo now. I am attaching my chart if that will help, and I'm open to any other comments you might have, though its the remedies I'm most interested in. THANK YOU!

-- Anonymous, United States Jul 11 08
A: Dear Anonymous,

Your query shows that you have a knowledge of Astrology.You are worried

about Mars and Saturn(R),let us discuss about Mars first.

O'dear,Mars is not debliated in your chart,you are mistaken about it,it is

enemic in lagna chart but improves position in navmasha,then why to worry

about it.Mars has the ownership of 4th and 9th house,it is posited there in

3rd shows that you have earned wealth through your own efforts,and its

association with Venus shows that you have settled in your life with your own

efforts and the aspect of Rahu is there on Mars and Venus,shows that you have

gained money through Foreign Land.

As mars is enemic in lagna so the rmedy is required for this.You should wear

4 ratti Red Coral in the ring finger of you left hand.This should be worn

while studded it in Silver/Gold and should also be worn on any Tuesday at

6.30am while receiting the below given mantra for 21 times ,the mantra is:- "AUM ANG ANGARAKAYA NAMAH"

Now let us come to Saturn,its retrogration,this retrogration is not harmful

as the debiliated Saturn gains the strength in navmasha while achieving

exalation,then why to worry about retrogration.Saturn having the ownership of

the 6th house and the 7th house and is posited in the bhagya house,it no

doubt shows your lonely life and it also has two malefic aspects ie Mars and

ketu,which reduces the strength of the Bhagya house,but no worries dear

strong Venus(is of own sign in lagna chart and having exalation in navmasha

chart),it will take the bhagya to the heights.

Let us come to dasha,from july 2008 there is a dasha of Sat/Mars/Rahu,but why

to worry about the pratyanta of Rahu as Rahu is of its own sign in lagna

chart but it loosing strenth in navmasha as is debliated in navmasha,so

remedy is required for Rahu. Try to enhance the South West corner of your house,i think there is a rise in

problem of your martial life. You should start chanting the mantra daily,daily for 108 times a day for 4o

days contineously,start this from the Thursday evening.The mantra is,"OM


From 22 august there will be a dasha of Sat/Mars/Jupiter,that will be the

difficult phase so try to please elders in that period,but now please the

dasha lord try to donate some money to the elderly servents,to please the

maha dasha lord Saturn.

I think you are also worried about the transit of Mars and Saturn.Mars is

transting Leo,it is right ,but is at the3rd position from natal Moon,it will

give benefic results it will give you courage,gain of money,you willalso earn

from the sale of moveable property,then why to worry,its transit will also

give you good health and oppurtunity to rise in profession.

Transit of Saturn,it is also transitin Leo and is third from natal Moon,it is

also auspicious and will give you comforts and luxuries,but there may be some

problem related to ear,so the remedy is required,but i have mentioned it

earlier,that is sufficent.

My Best wishes are with you.

My best wishes are with you.

Q: the lips got black due to smoking, how can i change the color or try to get it back to normal
-- h, UK Jul 19 08
A: Dear h, Try to use lip balm daily and one household remedy is,"grind rose pettles(fresh one),mix these with home made butter,store this in the refrigator and apply three times a day.

Q: how to remove tan and clean daily by using household remedies
-- Pallavi, India Jul 19 08
A: Dear Pallavi, Milk is the natural bleach,clean your face or exposed area with the milk,it will reduce the tanning and will also clean your skin.

Q: Girl : 02 July 1981, 1:50pm, Bangalore Boy : 29 June 1973 , 2:45pm, Srirangam Please match in detail for marriage compatibility. Can we proceed with the marraige.
-- Anonymous, United States Jul 19 08
A: Dear Anonymous, I have prepared both the horoscope and matched these, the compatibility is medium as this compatibitability achieved 19 nos out of 36.There are 19 gunas matched but nadi dosha is present ,but I recommend the marriage as all aspects are good as compare to this little bit inimical factor. Now let us see mangal dosha,the boy is only chander manglik,but the girl is manglik from lagna and is also chander manglik ,but nothing to worry dear her mangal dosha is cancelled due to the reasons,firstly the dispositer of mars is venus ,which is in Kendra,it nullifies her mangal dosha,secondly Jupiter the benefic planet have an aspect on mangal,it also nullifies her mangal dosa ,so consider this match. Moon of the boy falls in Pisces, in sixth house of girl.The moon of the girl falls in Gemini,the ninth house of the girl,so moon of the boy and the girl falls respectively in the 10th and 4th position from each other.This is considered to be auspicious,so carry on. The lagna of the boy and girl are in the same nakshtra and the moon of the girl falls in the same nakashtra as of the nakshtra of the boy’s lagna.Again the mercury of the boy falls in the same nakshtra as of lagna lord of the girl.Lastly the venus of the boy falls in the same nakshtra as is of the moon of the girl,all these are the auspicious ,hence make the match. Conclusion:- 1. Dhinman(Luck) This matching shows good luck as the janam nakshtra of both is the same. 2.Ganman(Wealth) The ganman is medium as the boy is manushya and the girl is deva. 3.Mahendhram(Attechment and well being) There will be a well being in the family and life prolongs if the marriage is finalized.There will also be an attachment in the relationship. 4.Sthree Dheeram(General Welfare) The asterism of the boy is beyond the 13th asterism from that of the girl,this will also promote the welfare in their family. 5.Yoni(Sexual) This results into medium as both have the different yonis. 6.Rashi(Growth of family) The moon sign of boy is at the 10th position from the girl,which is auspicious and shows that the couple will grow rich and it also indicates growth of the family. 7.Rasyadhipati(Food) This is not said to be auspicious as the lords of moon signs are mutual enemies. 8.Vasyam(Posterity) This is said be normal not excellent as the moon sign of the boy and the girl are not cocordant,hence will reduce harmony. 9.Rajju(felicity in marriage) It is not said to be good as the both have the same nahi Rajju. 10.Vedhai(Sons)The asterisms are not repellent,hence good for children. Both of them have different gotram ,but have the male asterisms,it is not good neither bad. Overall matching,i recommend the match. My best wishes are with you.

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