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Q: Hi! I'm a white girl, and I love wearing saris. My husband's family gave me a traditional Kerala kasavu sari. I'm wondering what are the appropriate occasions to wear it? Thanks!
-- renie, USA 11/21/02
Suitable Occassions to wear a traditional Kerala kasavu sari

You can wear the sari if there is some pooja that you will attend at the temple, or during any festive occasion in your place, or anybody's place.


Q: hello amma,am new to US and i feel embaressed to go out for dinner with friends becaz i dont know proper table manners and how should i use knife and fork and all iek taht. can anybody plx help me.
-- xyz, US 08/05/02
A: On how to use fork knife and spoon, please visit -…

Use of Napkin Using the napkin at formal occasions, as with much else associated with etiquette, should be a delicate affair. It is meant only to be dabbed at the lips and should not get dirty in the process. It might seem that the napkin is provided precisely so that it can help the diner clean up any mess that might occur during the course of the meal. Of course, this was its original use, (once the tablecloth itself ceased to be used as a napkin), and at an informal o


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