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Indian Kitchen By Veena
-- Veena Bhavanam

Latest Beauty Advice

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Q: Drinking just lemon with honey in a empty stomach will me put on weight? Is this combination good for anything ??
-- Honey !, 01/15/03
A: Hi,

No it will not put on weight but you will reduce your weight.

best wishes!!


Q: Hi amma, I would like to know the method of coloring my hair with henna.thank u
-- abcd, usa 01/08/03
A: Hi

Its easy to use henna.

- First make a mixture of henna using strong tea deacution, sour curd, lime juice. - Keep the mixtrue over night. - Next day morning, apply it to your hair and allow it to sit for about 4 hrs. - Wash off with shikakai powder or good shampoo.

Best wishes!!


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