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The Gate Way
-- Geetha Gopakumar

Comments From My Users

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Thank you very much for your advice
-- anonymous   02/02/06
oh,.. thanks a lot. It really solved my doubt.
-- Anonymous   01/23/06
Thank you very much for the kind advice.I totally agree with ur first statement.I have not been talking to him since 2 days(we quarelled abt that stuff) not knowing what to do.As u said i will try to avoid arguments or anything abt this problem.May be u r correct.
-- mamata   01/17/06
Hi Geetha, Once again thank you for your quick response. Just to let you know I got my period. Its a big relief for now. We postponed the puja in our new house(we already had gruhapravesam last month). Anyways thank you. Indira.
-- Indira   12/29/05
dear geetha...thanku so much for ur response!!!
-- saran   12/29/05
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