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-- Geetha Gopakumar

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Q: Ihav completed my project work last month below 15th april. but i dont received my payment on A/C No.111310100020649 (Andhr Babk, A.P.)and my mail ID is, plz send me my amount of Rs. on my A/C No. plz reply.
-- srinivas, india 05/20/09
A: Since you haven't done any project work with as i assume, your query is not a right one. You should make this request to which company you served/done project work for them. they are the one to issue and send the amount either in the way fo a/c payee cheque or NEFT/EFT transfer. So they with them by making regular follow-ups.


Q: sir,i want the new chequebook for my saving account,please give me the it's process and matter of application.
-- ketan, india 05/15/09
A: Go to the bank where you a/c is, and make a written request addressed to the Branch Manager, to convert your a/c into an a/c with checkbook facility, but you have to keep at least a minimum 2000/- a/c balance, on request they they convert your a/c having check book facility and a check book having at least 20/50 check leafs will be issued to you on signing in the register that you have recd. the same.

Its for you to do in this matter, no others have any role to play, its not a big task, an hours spending shall solve your problem. No har formaltiies to follow. But your Bank a/c shall be an


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