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-- Happy Momma

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Q: CAn anyone help me to start learn Network Programming. I have to do it as self-study based on Stevens textbook. Just need some intro into the course.
-- sim, 07/25/02
A: Hi sim,

If you told us under what platform you doing network programming it would have been better for us to help you out.

I think you must already have a knowledge on network protocols, if not here is a page for you to check out.…

Anyway, I'd suggest you visit this page :…

It's a beginners guide to network programming and gives you a basic idea on what it is and how to go about it.

For Java network programming visit this page :…


Q: dear amma i have opened my site as name shilpa.later i changed myself into soumyavenugopal.but after log in shilpa or soumyavenugopal as the user name in is telling as invalid information.i have updated my site name as new and introdused my doubt is whether can i continue my name as shilpa or soumyavenugopal.please help me on this aspect.your faithfully soumya
-- shilpa, India 07/24/02
A: Hi Shilpa,

Why dont you send a mail to ********@*****.***.

We are only here to answer user queries and wont be able to help you in this. If you mail your questions to the support, they will be able to solve your problem.


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