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Q: hi my dob is 12/3/1986 pob- coonoor,nigiris district ,tamil nadu tob -8.20 pm i just want to know about my marriage-time ,about the groom,wether it'll be an arrange or a love marriage,from which direction will he be from will be my marriage life?will i complete myy post graduation degree before marriage and if yes then in which area?ill i be working?anything else that you can tell me based on my horoscope.waiting egarly for your kind respone...
-- sindu, Jan 02 08
A: Miss Sindu your marriage prospects are not so good as in sarvashtvarga your 7yh has nominal number --are only 19-- which shows problem in 7th house. venus in 7th house will also spoil the 7yh house as(karko bhavo nash).your marriage will not be a love marriage.Your groom will be from South West direction.Your married will be so so. Kalamits yoga is also there in your horoscope.You will complete your postgraduation before marriage.Your profession will not be so good,but you will enjoy the comforts of life at your native level i.e will enjoy on your ancesteral property. WITH BEST WISHES:Ranbir Baidwan

Q: Hi, I am Lila Female, born on Thursday, 1956-08-23 10:00:00 at Rouiba, Algeria Latitude: 036:44:N / Longitude: 003:16:E I am divorced and I think I am in love with this man from India whom I have not yet met. I want to know whether I will marry again with success. Also I want to know whether I will buy my own house. If yes to both the above please indicate when. Thanks very much
-- lila bezz, Canada Jan 02 08
A: Dear Lila,you will marry the man of your choice.You will achive success as per your will about married life so carry on in this matter, dont waste time .The time has come to act.according to me you are professionally sound and will buy ur own house in near future i.e. in the year 2009.With best wishes:Ranbir Baidwan

Q: Hello, My house construction will be complete on 20th December. Looking for advice on the following. 1. Earliest good date to move into this house 2. Can we move used items from the old house to the new house, before the griha pravesh ceremony is done? 3. Do we need to actually sleep in the house for a night to consider the griha pravesh to be complete? Any advice on this is very much appreciated. My name is "Nara Vijaya Saradhi Naidu" and my wife's name is "Nara Hemalatha".
-- Anonymous, Unknown Jan 02 08
A: Mr.Nara Vijaya Saradhi Naidu -Theperfect date to move into ur newly constructed house is 17th. of April2008,it is as per murtha and according to u and ur wifes`s lucky numbers(as per both names) If you are interestedto move in new house at earlier then go for 26th.december at 11.45am as the Abhijit mahurta helps here.Before entering into new house "Vasstu PUJAN"AND HAVANA should be done Proper religious ceremonies should be performed before entering the can shift used items only after performing pujja.The Grihaprevasha will be complete when you spend one night there.YOUR QUESTION IS NOT COMPLETE AS YOU HAVE NOT GIVEN THE FACING OF THE HOUSE WHICH PLAYS AN IMPORTANT ROLE IN FINDING MURTH.

Q: I got a dream that a person who is very close to me is dead. This person is very much alive and in good health. I like this person very much. Does it mean anything?
-- s s, India Jan 02 08
A: Regarding Sadhe Sati it starts from 15 july2007 ,i think you have suffered heavy losses from 15 july2007 to15 sept.2007,but it is time to overcome problems.Effect of sadhe sati(inspicious)will be from16 sept.2007to january2010,so you must be extra concious in this period----Remidies---You should wear ring made up of iron or gold having 9 rattis Blue Sapphire studded in this ring.This ring should be worn in the middle finger of the right hand on any saturday at3pm,while reciting the mantra 21 times. The Mantra is"AUM SHAM SHANAISCARAYA NAMAH." The second remedy for sadhe sati is ---Take two pieces of iron of any size on any tuesday throw one piece at exect 5pm and store one piece in ur cupboard safely.But after2010 to2012 the sadhe sati will be fruitful and from2012 to2014 the sadhe sati will be more auspicious so there is no need of worries at that time.As u ar worried about the jupiter' transit nothing to worry -overall it will not create problem asit is 4th from moom which is said to be inauspious but is7th from lagana which is said to be auspious so overall results of transiting jupiter are will be better to do M.B.A. as the 5th lord in11th shows the fulfillment of ur educational desires and jup(R) from 7th house gives blessing to the desires.But 10th.lord (the lord of profession) is in8th will give obstacles in choosing professions.Placement of jupiter in8th house shows conflict between you and ur father and this conflict results in sepration.Regarding Marriage-You are Manglik from lagana as marsis there in 1st house.So you must marry a manglik girl. Ur marriage will occur in between 17-2-2014 to 1-4-2014.Ur wife will be obedient but not be so beautiful,but be lazy by nature.U will have a big rise after marriage.But in year 2017-There may be a major set back(i.e on31.7.2017) as at that time because there will be dasha ,antardasha and patyanterof retrograde planet---so be cancious/preapred in advance. with Best wishes: Ranbir Baidwan

Q: My DOB is 16-Sep-78 11.55am at Chennai, India and the girl's DOB is 17-Jun-82 3.15pm at Chennai, India. Gurus, Can you please tell me the compatibility in our horoscopes and how our married life will be. Are there any doshas? If so, please suggest remedies for the dosha. Also is 28-Feb-2008 a good date for our marriage? Please advice.
-- locomotive36, LA, USA Jan 02 08
A: Mr so and so the compatibility is low as there are 17 points matching but normally 18 points is recommended.Nadi doshais also present .There will be ego problem and will be no happiness in married life .Hence marriage is not recommended

Q: Before a few days, there were some discussions in the news papers about Makara Sankranti falling on 15th January instead of 14th January as usual. I wish learned friends to explain this change. I would also wish to remind those of my friends who are born during September/October and have Sun in Tula rasi(debilitated) to take advantage of MakaraSankranti by propititing Surya Devata. Chanting of Surya Atharva Shirsha, Aditya Hridaya, and Surya Sahastranaama would be immensely beneficial. People with problems related with eye-sight, osteoporosis (weak bones), Dental probems should not miss this 'once-in-a-year' opportunity to start Surya Upasana by chanting of any one of the above strotra at least 8 times. If you have no time or if you dont know chantiing of this strotra rightly, you can just do 'Surya Namaskar' Asan. Aum Tat Sat
-- Vidyut Pandya, India Jan 07 08
A: Respected Sir, The makkar sankranti is falling on 15th january instead of 14th jan.,the reason behind this is that on maggi sakrandon 14th january,on monday,on the year 2008 at night at12.07(24/07 IST)at the time of virgo lagna and sun will enter in capricorn and the solar month starts.Makkar sakranti will start from 14th noon till the sunrise upto 15 th jan.This is due to the two moons nights or poornimas during a solar month,so this is the reason behind the change.

Q: I have a Radium Marble Laughing Buddha holding a bowl up in his hands in standing pose.My query is where should i plase this statue in my home,in which direction,is the statue i have(standing and holding bowl up in hands) is good for home or office or business?
-- B Sreekanth Reddy, India Jan 08 08
A: Dear B Sreekanth Reddy,It is good u have a radium marble laughing buddha holding a bowl up in his hands,in a standing pose,this pose is good for both,for office and home.But it will be better to put that in ur home,there it will help u in two ways firstly for u and secondly for ur family.Place this laughing buddha in front of ur enterance that stand out side the door(not the main gate)and see the laughing buddha from there,if it looks clear from outside than this is the best position for laughing budha,it will increase all round prosperty in ur house.The direction of laughing is the south-east one,but only for its decoration.For remedial measure we place it in front of main enterance.Daily nine tappings on its tummy will also give u much financial prospects.Laughing buddha,if gifted by someone,gives more results.No worries dear,it will also give good results.Said ur dear one that he may gift u laughing buddha on ur birthday,then place the same in ur office in front of the main door,see that in the same way as i have explained earlier.You himself will see the changes.

Q: I have applied for a visa to foreign land. Getting visa depends on the decision of the visa department. Can I settle abroad? If yes when? Will there be any obstacles to it?
-- sumita, Calcutta, India Jan 08 08
A: Dear Sumita,You have forgotton to mention your partuculars,the dob, the tob and the pob,without these,the proper prediction can not be made.So send that or for horary (for prashna it can be predicted by chating only as the time of prashna must be accurate at the time of the query).

Q: Respected Sir, I was born on 13th June 1980 at 2:45 AM in chennai. Over the past 2 weeks, I am having health troubles related to Stomach. Of late I am having trouble when attending to Nature's call (the longer one). I am a bit afraid if this is going to lead me to some surgery. Please can you help me with any Pariharam's and also let me know if this would lead me to surgery if any? Many thanks.
-- Anonymous, India Jan 08 08
A: Dear Anonymus,Examined your horoscope,there are no worries about health as the 6th lord lord of disease is in good position the 3rd house, will not give any serious problem,it is also associated with sun the karka for stomach.Sun(the karka for stomech is also have good position in navmasha and in drekkana chart,hence no serious worries about health. The 5th house and the 6th house which represents the stomach(belly),in this house,in the the 5th house,the moon is posited having leo rashi in 5th house,it( the moon)is also associated with the 8th lord the lord of cronic diseases and the 12th lord(the lord of expenditure)and the saturn is also associated the both,as it is the natural malefic and is neutral in lagna and enemic in navamsha ,will act as a malefic,sowill give troubles like indigestionand colic pain etc. In Navmasha Moon is again in 5th house as is with saturn(the malefic one),as it is clear that 5th and the 6th house represents abdomen and the planet ketu which also represents the abdomen,is aspecting the moon and the 5th house ,will give such type of health problems.But don`t worry dear the savior factor,jupiter has the aspect on5th house(in navmasha). In Drekkana(d-3)sun the karka for stomach has a good position,but the 8th lord in 5th (in d-3),shows cronic and long lasting disease and the rahu is also posited there in the 8th house,in drekkana,wiil also give disease. In birth chart rahu is in Ashlesha nakshtra,the nakshtra which deals with stomach,pancreas.This will also linger on the problem as the dasha of rahu is going on. Lagna lord,8th lord,4th lord and saturn associated and placed in 5th shows the problem will linger on upto the period 28.9.2008 as now the dasha bukti of rahu/sat/sat is upto 3.5.2008,then the dasha of malefic the antar and patyantar of malefic is there.Then from 4.5.2008 the dasha bukti of rahu/sat/mer,the malfic dasha lord, the malefic sub lord and again the sub sub lord mercury(the 6th lord),the lord of disease.Then rahu/sat/ketu,ketu is the planet related to stomach and is also melefic in nature.Then the sub/sub period of venus ,the retrograde planet is there,which will also give you health problem. There is also an influence of sade sati is there,so enlighten a lamp,with mustard oil,in Shani Temple on every saturday.This will also improve ur health problem,as this phase of sade sati is effecting ur health. Some more remedies are required for better health,wear 5 ratti Red coral,studded that in silver or golden ring.This ring should be worn in the index finger of ur right hand.This should also be worn on any tuesday at 8am,while recieting the mantra for 21 times ,the mantra is ,"Aum ang angarakaya namah." Take a note book and start writing the mantra for 108 times daily,start it from thursday evening,the mantra is "Om bhram bhrim bhroum sha rahuve namah."Don`t worry dear there is no surgery is seen in near future,but be concious from the dates 6.10.2009 to5.12.2009,that time is crutial.with all the best.

Q: Respected Ammas, I am going to Paint my bedroom. Would you please suggest the colour will be be good and lucky for me. My Details are My Details: D.O.B :17/08/1977 Time : 5:10 pm (17:10) Place : Srinagar (Jammu & Kashmir) Sex : Male Thanks & Regards
-- Raj Singh, India Jan 09 08
A: Dear Raj Singh ji,It will be much better if you inform me the name of the owner of the house and his particulars,if you are the the main owner and the house is in your name,then it is good,butlet me know the main enterence that the facing of the house is towards which side and again let me know the direction in which your bed room lies,first of all i will locate the lucky colours of the natives(all),who uses this bed room and then i will locate the colour which suits the main direction, then will locate the colour of the direction where the bed room exists,then at last match this with the lucky colours of the users of the bed room,from these i will be able to choose the best suitable colour,which suits all the members who uses the bed room.So dear give me the number of the users of the bedroom,their particulars,direction of the room,where it exists and the main facing of the house.With all these i will be able to locate the best colour of your bed room,which will enhance your luck,brings all other benefits relateing to this room.With the given particulars,i will not be satisfied to the colour,which can be painted un your bed room,this should be finalized while calculating from all angles,because it is not easy to change the colour.Even couour of the bed sheet and other things also matters for sound sleeps etc.

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