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The Gate Way
-- Geetha Gopakumar

Comments From My Users

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Hi Amma !!!!! Thank you very much for your words which made me relax after a long time.
-- Pinky   09/04/04
Dear Amma, Thanks for the reply and sincerely appreciate your advice and suggestions... I will try my best to convince my love for my wife and earn the lost trust... Sincerely, Samba
-- samba   07/31/04
thanks a lot- really aprreciate it!
-- Swati   07/30/04
Thank you very much Amma for spending your precious time to advice me. I am very happy to know your views. Hope things work fine for me :)
-- Young   07/22/04
Dear amma.. Thank u a lot for all the economy tips u gave me. I heartily appreciate the time and effort u put into that.
-- NRI   07/14/04
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