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Q: boys details: date:23-jan-1980, time:19.25, place : muzaffarnagar(U.P,india) girl's details: date:25-feb-1985, time:11.30, place: Kolkata,India These two ppl are very much in love with each and would like to marry. I would like to know their compatibility based on astrology. IF there is any lack of compatibility pls suggest the remedies in detail. Of late things have not been very smooth between them.. pls advice ..
-- Arun, Chennai,India Jan 02 08
A: Mr Arun,while matching both the horoscopes we have achieved 27 points ,but all in vain.No doubt 27 points matters more annd it is said to be a prosperous match.But bad luck there is abhkoot dosha present in the matching that from boy`s rashi girl`s rashi is at2nd place,but from boy`s rashi girl`s rashi is at 12th place----means heavy losses.----So i can`t recommend this match.Boy is manglik and the girl is non manglik -------so no posibility of marriage.Marriage is not recommended at any cost.If both loves each other then they have to sacerifise for each other ,it is for the betterment of both.

Q: I would like to know what is mrityu shad ashta yoga and its all possible effects. I and a girl want to get married but our patrika do not match as they indicate mrityu shad ashta yog. Are there any solutions to it? My details: Date of Birth: 09-10-1978 Place of Birth: Mumbai Time of Birth: Morning 00:50 Hrs Girls Details: Date of Birth: 23-12-1977 Place of Birth: Indore Time of Birth: Morning 09:15 Hrs
-- Vishal, Mumbai, India Jan 02 08
A: Mr Vishal,i tried my best to match ur horoscopes ,but all in vain your matching achieved 18.5 points,but mrityu shad ashta yoga is present in the matching.As u want to know about this yoga----that from ur rashi sagittarius --- the girls rashi is at 6th place that is the tarus.And from girls rashi your rashi is at 8th place ----this situation forms mrityu shad ashta yoga,which is very harmful yoga for married life.In this yoga the total well-being of the married life can be destroyed.There is no remedy for this worse yoga .I suggest you that both of u should not try to destroy each other.I can`t recommend this marriage.

Q: Recently one of the council members of astrology (obviously I do not know their name!) has requested me to avoid using "Blessed be" at the end of my responses as it becomes a sort of identification pattern and might result in skewed ratings for my response. The council member had expressed the sentiment with good intention of avoiding partiality in ratings. Now, it is my duty to explain my logic of writing "Blessed be" at the end....Predictions might be sometimes positive and sometimes not so positive (due to planetary patterns that we deal in the horoscope). So, it is my opinion that our sincere "Blessed be" wish at the end can be a good motivating factor for the clients and maybe a miniscule positive reinforcement for blessings in their lives. In fact, I end any mail exchange (even private mail exchanges) with Blessed be. I have one suggestion to all my fellow advisors in astrology group...if all of us end our responses with "Blessed be", then mine will no longer be identified separately! The added benefit of this method is our querents will Be Blessed for as many responses that they get. This advice is not to mock the council member who wrote his/ her comment to my response, but a genuine one that serves two purposes at the same time - one of smudging the identify of my responses (my responses will no longer stand out due to the "Blessed be", and two...our querents will receive so many blessings from astro-experts here. I on my part will continue using Blessed Be because I am doing so with a higher intent in mind and not for identification patterns to influence my fellow council members unfairly. Blessed be!
-- Pandit. Dakshinamoorthi R, Chennai Jan 02 08
A: It is not fare on the part of any council member who pointed out that the word "Blessed Be" should not be used.It is not good on the part of the council.As i think that the knowledge and the style for prediction matters ---not the recognition. This word does not gives any favour as it is said by the user that he gives blessings in this way,so why to worry about the ranking .We must be broadminded and have sportsman`s spirit.So we must believe the user as he said that he even in simple (pvt) e-mails uses this word.He also recommeds the other astrologers to do so ,but i would like to say that i have tried to use the word,but all in vain.We can not take any ones special word,so i feel sorry for that,but our wishes are with always with our clients----------But sir, i think in rating it does not matter that who is the person ---who is replying the query-----but is matters more that how much accuracy is there in the prediction and the astrologer has covered all the points asked by the client. Let us discuss one thing more that the replies should be to the point and also be to the requirement of the client.It is my suggestion tha we should not lingeron the answer in search of rating .Please,let me know am i right? Again i would like to say that i will try my best to make more attempt to write "Blessed Be" ,but can not do promise for that.

Q: Hi. My birth time 11.05am and my rasi is tula and nakshtra is vishaka and karnataka, and 10th july 1973. Please tell me my future. thanks.
-- ABC, India Jan 02 08
A: MR SO and so,as you are born in vishaka nakashtra,so you must be intelligent and speaks convincingly. You have the quality to attract the croud,you are also having leadership qualities.I think that you likes writing.You are living away from ur family and u can also have a rise away from home.You are not rigid in case of religion,you also loves truth and are politically inclined. INn ur horoscope the lagna lord is in11th--which shows good position--it shows that u works as per ur own will.2nd lord in 11th also shows there is a plenty of wealth. The money is earned with the help of money i.e. by investments---by lending, bankers and can earn through trade with the help of elder brother.3rd lord in 7th shows that ur younger brother is also residing abroad and is doing well there.POSITION OF 11TH LORD IN 2ND ALSO SHOWS THERE IS A PLENTY OF WEALTH IS THERE WITH U AND ARE LIVING WITH UR ELDER BROTHER AND ARE EARNING THROUGH BANKS AND COMMERCIAL CONCERNS. Rahu in 4th shows little bit hurdle in early education.Rahu in 4th gives problem to mother and also take away from motherland. But 4th lord is in 5th shows good combination of kendra and trikona.You are highly qualified and have sharp mind.You are qounted into rich and have good house and property Combination of love marriage is there in the horoscope,but there are two marriages in ur horoscope. Position of 9th lord in 11th shows ----extra gains through publication,books,newspapers.

and educational institutions.You can also have income from hotels,cinemas and restorants. YOU CANALSO SET ABROAD.Sun and saturn in10th will lead to sepration from father and also away from parents.Saturn in 10th will also take u abroad and ketu in 10th and in geminin signwill also make u professionally intelligent and strong. Debilation of jupitor effects u lot.REMEDIES FOR THAT-----on every thursday you have to go to holly place do something physically there(seva).

Q: Hi, My husband and I are planning to go abroad. Is this the right time? He is not happy with his current job. So we plan to go abroad and search for a job there. He is highly qualified. Please advise Details: DOB: 29-08-80 Place: Hyderabad, India
-- Tulip Z, India Jan 02 08

Q: wanted to know marriage prospects and spouse characteristics for Female, dob 05 Feb 1978, birth time 11:10 AM, place:delhi.
-- ashish m, United States Jan 02 08
A: Dear Ashish,you are of aggressive nature and are arrogent and rigid at ur home, so try to improve ur self.Try to control ur emotions and be calm at ur workplace also.Your marriage prospects are bright.You are manglik as the mars is posited in ur 4th house ,but no worries dear you are of Aries lagna in Aries lagna--if mars is in 4th house then there is -- NO MANGAL DOSHA,SO CHEER UP.Your 7th lord venus is in 10th house shows that you had got success in profession while going ABROAD.U will get a devoted wife ,she will be very helpful in ur profession.Your marriage will be of ur own choice( marriage)and the girl will be at ur work place.No doubt there will be a good life partner,but ur life partner will be of short temper,and ur father will not tolerate ur wife`s attitude.Apperance of ur wife----She will be beautiful and fair complexiond,religious and of charitable nature,there will be also a happiness from her in case of progny. In sarv astakavarga there are 32 bindus which also shows all round prosperty in married life----so no worroes carry on-carry on-- carry on.One thing i will like to say that ur wife will be more prone towards physical relations(sex),you have to cool her emotions with extra care. I think in the year 2004 you have faced lots of problems on the date 25-12-2004. Now it time to enjoy life ,but ur marriage will be solemnised in between the dates i.e.6-10-2008 to 24-12 2008. Remedies:you must wear yellow sapphire or yellow topaz of seven rattis,studded in gold ring.The ring should be worn on any thursday at 4.30 pm,while recieting the below given mantra for 108 times. The mantra is----"AUM BRIM BRIHASPATAYA NAMAH".The ring should be worn in the index finger of ur right hand. With best wishes

Q: My name is Jaya Vedi, 11th January 1967, Born in India, Rishikesh between 4 to 6 in the evening. My husband's name is Sanjay Kumar Vedi, date of birth is 26th July 1964, night at 10.10, Sangaria Mandi, Rajasthan. We reside in New Delhi. We are planning to buy a house for last five six year unsuccessfully. we applied so many times in govt. schemes also and then we looked for so many houses but nothing is appealing to us. and now the cost has mounted up so much that i am worryied i may not be able to buy the house through out my life. this worry is really killing me. Please help me out by suggesting some ways so that we can buy the house for our kids. right now we are stying in government quarter. would we be able to buy the house. it seems stars are not in our favour.
-- JAYA VEDI, INDIA Jan 02 08
A: Mrs.Jaya Vedi, you will be able to purchase the house in between the given dates i.e. from 28-2-2008 to 20 -1-2009. By this date you will be in ur house.But ur husband have to wear four ratti red coral in silver or gold in his ring finger.The ring should be worn in his right hand on any tuesday at 7.30am , after reciting the mantra for 21 times. The mantra is---" AUM ANG ANGRAKYA NAMAH" ..... SO CHEER UP.....WITH BEST WISHES FROM:Ranbir Baidwan

Q: MY date of birth is on 01/07/1978.I was born at kolkata at 5:00 HRS (A.M). MY question is 1)Will my wife will be working?what will our age difference?Will she posses immovable property like flat etc? 2)How will my marraige life?Is divorce indicated in my chart?Will it be an arranged marraige? 3)When i shall have my own house/flat?i want the year?
-- PRANAB PAL, India Jan 02 08
A: Mr PRANAB pAL you are keen to know about ur wife so listen your wife will be working.You will marry a girl, whom you know from your childhood.yes she possess immoveable property.your married life will be good.No, there is no indication of divorce in ur horoscope There will be alove marriage.on 27.82010 you will got ur own house. with best wishes:From-Ranbir Baidwan

Q: Dear Ammas, I would like to know the good days for house warming from second week of january 2008. Here is our Nakshthra and birthdays My husband(Padmaprakash Govind)- Chithra, 21-April-1970, 10:30 AM Raji -Aslesha, 23-03-1975 11:45 P.M (Born in Kerala,India) In US , we are at eatstern time in US 1. At present our closing date on a Amavasya day? Is that okay? If not, could you please suggest a good day and time in Jan first week until Jan 10. 2. We need a Grihapravesh date and time as well after jan 10 Thank you for your help.
-- Meera, India Jan 02 08
A: Dear Meera,According to your husband`s name your good date for house warming is 10th of janury 2008.BUT FOR MUHURTA OF GREHPRAVESH- FACING DIRECTION OF YOUR RESIDENCE MUST BE KNOWN. wiTH best wishes From:RanbirBaidwan

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