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-- Kuldip Sharma
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Q: Hello Sir, I am born on 28 th October 1975; 11:15 p.m. and my Rasi is Kataka and Star - Ashleysha. I would like to know about when exactly will I get married? This is a great worry I have. How will my married life be? How will my spouse be by nature, career and financial standing wise? He will be from my caste or diff. caste/community? Kindly tell me when will I get married and How will my married life be? Also could you please predict the earliest chance of me going abroad. Thanks & Regards
-- Trishna Ammas, India Nov 26 07
A: Dear Trishna,

I have gone through your query. But while supplying the data you have not mentioned your place of birth without which it is not possible to construct the chart and arrive at the final conclusion of sensitive marriage. However, I have constructed the chart taking Madras as point of birth. On the basis of this, you are Cancer Lagna and Lagna Lord placed itself in Lagna with the Marriage lord Saturn. Placement of Saturn in Lagna has abnormally delayed the marriage. Coming to the point of marriage, if your lagna is correct, then, there is every possibility of marriage from middle of January onward, when Saturn will become retrograde and its effect can be seen from Cancer also and aspect your 7th house (marriage house). However, Jupitor has just entered Sagittarius and earlier it was in Scorpio and during this period there were ample chances of marriage before July, 2007. However, it has entered in Dhanu rashi, but its effect on your 7th lord Saturn,remain valid for 6 months. However, when it starts retrograde in April, its effect can again be on your 7th lord.So the period from January to August,2008 is good period from Dec., 07 to 12 July, 2008. So you are advised to avail this chance. Otherwise, it will be too late. You are advised to do the remedy of Saturn and donate liberally Black Urd and Mustard Oil, as you are running last leg of Sadesati also. Recite the Beej Mantra of Saturn also. Since according to this chart you are Manglik and you are required to choose your spouse who is also a Manglike. As far as your married life is concerned it is OK. But due to the position of Rahu and Ketu in the 4th house, your domestic life remain full of tension. You will not be happy at all or uncomfortable at home, neither when you were unmarried nor when you will be married. There is only one remedy in this case, either to get spouse who is living away from his mother and you meet them occasionally. You are advised to repost your query with correct date like DOB, POB and TOB. With best wishes, (Kuldip Sharma)

Q: Dear members First, let me congratulate you all for participating in this excellent service. I have the follwing query which I will be grateful if you could answer. I am doing my PhD in management in the US and hope to graduate shortly. I have been intreviewing for the past few months for jobs primarily in the management consulting and finance industry. However, there seems to be some delay and I have not yet received any job offers. Can you please tell me when I will get a job. Secondly, can you also tell me if it will be in the management consulting industry. My DOB is 15 august 1979 born in Madras, India at 16:25. I look forward to you replies. Thanks.
-- Anonymous, Unknown Nov 26 07
A: Dear Anonymous,

I have gone through your chart. You are Dhanu Lagna and Lagna lord exalted and placed in 8th house. Your 9th lord Sun,(Fate) and 10th lord Mercury (Profession) and 11th lord Venus (House of gains) are posited together in the 8th house and formed Raj yoga and Dhan Yoga known for name and fame and abundance of Finance. 8th lord Moon posited in the 6th house formed Vipreet Raj Yoga. Placement of Saturn and Rahu in the 9th house slowed down your progress and your fortune will rise late. As regards your profession is concerned, since 10th lord placement in the 8th house alongwith 9th and 11th lord shows that you will get promotion but with some obstructions and later on it will be a great success. Since at present you are running the dasa of Rahu-Mercury-Rahu and during this period you will remain be wandering from one place to other and there is no mental satisfaction. Further you are also running Saturn Dhaiya from June, 07 onward. For starting new job, the Saturn and Jupitor must transit over the natal Sun or aspect it. In your case, the Saturn was already over your natal Sun before June, 2007 and then moved to Leo and Jupitor was in Scorpio and aspecting your natal Sun and your 10th lord, but the antra of Rahu, which do not allow you to settle. However, now the Jupitor has moved on to your Lagna but its effect over your natal sun and mercury would be available for 6 months and Saturn will be retrograde in January, 2007 and there will be dasa of Rahu-Mercury-Jupitor from 5th December, 07 onward, you will get some job during or around the month of January, 2008. You are advised to do remedy of Saturn i.e. reciting the beej mantra of Saturn, donation of black urd and mustard oil and offering of water to Sun and reciting of Beej Mantra of Sun i.e. Om Surya Namah, and Gayatri Mantra.

With best wishes, (Kuldip Sharma)

Q: My son was born on 25th December 2004 at 11:20 AM in Mumbai, India. I want to know about his horoscope details, like his future, etc.... Does his horoscope has any dosa,s, if yes then what are the remedies. I can genearte a horoscope, however I hardly know anything about planets and positions.... If someone can read his horoscope and give an overview then it will be really helpful to me.
-- kalia, CA, USA Nov 26 07
A: Dear Kalia,

I have prepared the chart of your son and noted that he does not have any bad dosha. Rather, he is having some good Yoga His Lagna Lord is in the 6th which is the only weakness in his chart, shows some early health problem and indicate some struggle. His 4th l and 9th lord(Venus) and 5th lord (Mercury) is placed in the 10th house, a very good Raj Yoga which shows good education and great name and fame as well as good education. However, the presence of 11th lord in the 8th house shows that even in spite of all his good education as well as his profession, he is not satisfied and all his efforts will not yield full results to his satisfaction. However, placement of this Jupitor, while controlling his expenditure, will enhance his wealth and he is having very sweat speech as Jupitor aspect on the 2nd house( his own house)also denotes speech, wealth and family as well as good for property matters. He will have great immovable and moveable properties, and he is to lead a very good homely and domestic peaceful life. His Rahu in the 3rd house, is very strong and makes him very bold. This can take him to adventurous fields like politics and sports. As regards, his married life is concerned, it is good, except some little problems which are in every family life. However, the native does not have any bad yoga, except his Lagna lord, as discussed above and even this placement will be good for competition. There is nothing to worry. No remedy is required in your case. Since he is running at present Mars dasa and after that there is dasa of Rahu which is starting from 2011 to 2030, which is placed in 3rd house, house of courage. During this dasa, he will achieve great success in the field of his education, as it is 11th from 5th house. Overall dasa of Rahu ( 18 years) will be excellent as during this period the people decides his way in which direction, he wants to go. However, initial dasa from 2020 to 2021, the period for achievement will be so so, however, as regards to accommulation of wealth and chances of going abroad will be there. During this period, there may be addition to his property matters. After that the antra of Saturn, Mercuty, Ketu, Venus,Sun will be excellent i.e. from 2031 to 2040. During dasa of Jupitor-Moon, he might face some health wise problem. All the above is being discussed on the bsis of dasa. I am not discussing the transit results in detail. However, his first Saturn dhaya will be from 2027 to 2029 and 2nd sadesati from 2057 to 2063. With best wishes, (Kuldip Sharma)

Q: Details of my astrological chart are as follows - date of birth :06 Feb 1979. Time of birth : 1:12 am Place: Belgaum (Karnataka, India) My friend's details - Date of birth: 03 July 1979 Time of Birth : 1:55 am Place: Trivandrum (Kerela, India) I have been divorced once and want to be very careful in this case. I have manglik dosh .. I need to know remedies for it. There is also a Bakut dosh if I compare my chart with my friends chart. I need more details about what is Bakut dosh and what is the remedy.
-- suparna, Thailand Nov 26 07
A: Dear Suparna,

I have gone through both the horoscopes alongwith compatibility chart. The point tally comes to 26 point. You are right that there is Bhakoot Dosha But since both the planets are friend, so here this Bhakoot dosha can be ignored. Even in the Navamsha chart, their planetary friendship has been repated, and here they are also having Bhakoot Dosha but here it is 2/12 and here also it stands cancelled as Girls moon is behind the boy. So there is nothing adverse in the Bhakoot dosha and such dosha can be ignored and you stands to get 7 more points and your toally goes to 33. Since, these points are more than average, even in this case, some of the chart having Manglik dosha can also be ignored. However, in your case, your Mars is in the 4th house but your Maglik dosha can also be ignored, as Mars is aspecting its own house i.e. Aries. Secondly, your mars is being aspected by Jupitor. With this chart, there is no problem. However 2nd house Mars is also considered in South India as Manglik. But in any case, it can effect his speech and sometimes he can lost control over his tongue. This is the only draw back. And this is very nominal draw back. All other parameters are good. Your earlier marriage was also cause of love affairs, and at that time you have not matched your horoscope, which results into sad affairs. In view of the above, I strongly recommend the marriage. But you should learn to adjust with your spouse to lead a comfortable domestic life. According to me, it is a perfect match and success rates are 99 % rest, all depends upon Almight. We can only predict. We are not God. Have a good Luck.

With best wishes, (Kuldip Sharma)

Q: Dear Ammas, Well done for the good job. Very informative & beneficial site. I would like to know the effects of Guru peyarchi (Jupiter transit) for me & my husband's raasi. Mine - Mesham (Star: Ashwini) & My husband - Thulam (Star: Swathi). Thank you in advance.
-- Sumy Ramasamy, Malaysia Nov 26 07
A: Dear Sumy, Your question is vague. However, I would explain the result of transit. Generally, transit is considered one of the most important factors in the predictive astrology particularly in timing of events. The other factor for timing of events is involved is Dasa and Antardasa of the Planets and that dasa and antardasa has to be judged from the Ascendant or Lagna as it affects the physical body, whereas the transit results are to be seen from Moon as it affects the mind. The Moon is represents the mind or consciousness. The moon affects the entire psychology of the native and has a relevance of effecting the mind. We experience good or bad times, sorrows and jobs through the agency of the mind rather than through physically. However, the transit results cannot be predicted in isolation without reference to the other factors involved in the natal horoscope. If transit is very good but dasa is not good, the transit results will not prevail, however, where as there is very good dasa, but transit is not good, one can attain the targets with some obstructions. Without dasa, there is no use of transit. Dasa is supreme. However, the result of Jupitor for you whose Rashi is Aries, as it is transiting in your 9th house, the results are very good, from where it aspects your Lagna, 3rd house as well as your 5th house. Its transit is very auspicious. During this period, the native enjoys wealth and prosperity, success, appreciation, please from co-borns, interest in religious, enjoys religious journey, and birth of children etc. etc. As regards, the transit for those whose Moon is in Libra, since it is transiting in the 3rd house from where it aspects, 7th house, 9th house and 11th house. But as per classics, the transit of Jupitor in 3rd from Moon is not considered beneficial and its results are inauspicious. However, the relationship between Venus lord of Libra and Jupitor are not auspicious. During its sojourn to 3rd house, it give frequent and unfruitful journey, loss of friends, physical sickness, mental depression, transfer to new place. The native loses confidence and becomes a coward etc. etc. But however, in case of those who wants marriage whose Lagna is Libra, the Jupitor is going to give them marriage during this period. So there are many things like dasa and other parameters which are to be considered for announcing the result of gochar.

With best wishes, (Kuldip Sharma)

Q: My son was born on 12th November 2007 at 19:30 PST in sanfransisco (walnut creek) california, usa. I found that he born in Ganda Moola Nakshatra, am I right ? if yes, then what will be the bad effect and how can I pacify the same ?
-- kalia, CA, USA Nov 26 07
A: Dear Kalia,

I have constructed the horoscope of your son and you are right that your son is a Ganda Moola Nakashatra called Moola and Janam Rashi is Sagittarius. He is Mithun (Gemini) Lagna and Lagna Lord well placed in the 5th house, house of education alongwith Sun. He is Manglik.

I am discussing the effect of Gand Moola Nakashatra are as below: Gandhant means knot or Sandhi or junction and Gandhant comess 3 times in Lunar month i.e. when moon transits in Revati-Ashwani (Pisces-Aries), Ashlesh-Magha(Cancer-Leo) and Jyestha-Moola (Scorpio-Sagittarius) and the lordship of these junction Nakasthra is Mercury-Ketu. The nature of the results are to be decided on the basis in which charan or Pada of Nakashtra, a child is born. This is also junction or knot between the watery rashi and fiery rashi. All the 8 pada i.e. 4 of each participating nakashtras are not bad. Generally, it has been seen that the Child born in these Gandhant Nakshatra faces obstacles and various types of problems in their respective life. However, some classics specifically mention the malefic and benefic results caused due to Nakashtra Gandhant or Sandhi or Junction in case of Moola and Ashlesh Nakashtra are as below: (a) Moola First Charan or Pada ---Danger to Father (b) Ashlesha Fourth Charan or Pada ----Danger to Father ( c ) Moola Second Charan or pada --Danger to Mother (d) Ashlesha Third Charan or pada - Danger to Mother (e) Moola Third Charan or pada ---Danger to family (f) Ashlesha Second charan or pada -Danger to family (g) Moola fourth charan or pada - brings wealth and prosperity (h) Ashlesha First quarter or pada -bring wealth and prsperity However, in order to nullify the effect of the birth in Gandhanta, firstly father of the child should not see the child till specific pooja is peformed on the 27th day after the birth of the child by the Pandits. In the above case, since your child is born in Moola Nakshtra charan-I, and surely it is matter of concern for the father. So in order to avert anything bad, you are advised to to consult some Pandit ji and get the specific Pooja done which comes after 27 days from the birth day which is very essential in this case. Overall horoscope of the child is good. With best wishes, (Kuldip sharma)

Q: I am bharathi from vijayawada and my son name is 'sethu mani kanta krishna srinivas chowdhari'DOB-15-9-1989,POB-VIJAYAWADA,TOB-6.30AM.I want to know about his future{education,health,career,}.please tell us what professional studies is best for him.Will there be any breaks in his education and at wat age he settles in his life and in which profession.according to his chart let us know what pujas he has to perform and to which god he has to pray and suggest us wat stone he has to wear.we want to know abot any chances of going abroad and whether he will settle in business or in job.
-- bharathi adusumilli, India Nov 26 07
A: Dear Bhavrathi,

Gone through horoscope of your son. He is Virgo lagna and Lagna lord exalted. Mars, 3rd and 8th lord placed in Lagna. Moon placed in the 6th house and that too on Rahu Ketu axis shows that at the he is not keeping very good health especially in his child hood. However, with the passage of time, his health will improve. As regards he does not feel comfortable at home with and has irritable personality. Sun is also in the 12th house on the Rahu Ketu axis, it is a eclipse like situation and there is certain Grehan dosha. As regards his education is concerned, he is going to acquire knowledge of engineering, or acquire Engineering Degree, because his 5th lord is Saturn placed in the 4th house, 12th from its own sign, shows break at any stage, aspected by Mars, 3rd and 8th lord again technical support, aspect of Ketu again technical support and further more blessed by Jupitor and removes most of the doshas. But there is certain break in his education career, but if he is sent for education outside the place of your residence, he can be very successful, instead if is to operate for his college from your own house. He must be sent to hostel, for getting good result of his career. As regards his settlement is concerned, his 10th lord exalted and placed in the Lagna alongwith 3rd lord and 8th lord Mars and further aspect of Saturn on the 10th house and 10th lord, shows some slow progress in his career, and aspect of Rahu on the 10th house, shows initial obstructions in the settlement, but some how, he is settled in his life very well, as the next dasa is of his Lagna Lord and exalted Mercury. As regards Puja, you are advised to offer food to 5 Brahnmis on Poornima day and offer them donations and clothes and repeat this for 5 Poornima to remove the ill effects of Grehan dosha. He is also advised to wear silver bangle or ring of 23 to 25 grams in his right arm. Offer Satnaja to fishes regularly. He is also advised to offer milk to Dog to remove the possibilities of dog bites, in such cases, there is ample chances of dog bites. There are very good chances of going abroad and for settlement in Abroad. There is also scope of marriage of his own choice, as 7th lord Jupitor is being aspected by Saturn (5th lord house of emotions) and further Jupitor is being aspected by Rahu, an unorthodox planet, showing unorthodox marriage.

With best wishes, (Kuldip Sharma)

Q: Namashkar, Thanks for replies for more information. I close old query and open new one. Myself am Dinesh Pande, born in Bambai on 11 august 1968 at 4:03 evening. Myself am single. Any chance for marriage for me ? dhanyavad, Dinesh
-- Anonymous, Unknown Nov 26 07
A: Dear Dhayavad Dinesh,

Gone through your horoscope. You are a Manglik. Your 7th lord Mercury is placed in 8th house (house of obstructions) alongwith lord of 5th house (emotions and love affairs) alongwith 9th lord Sun. There are chances that you must be having relations with some one. However, you are not able to enjoy the fruits of marriage, because your 7th lord is totally combust. Your 7th house is aspected by Saturn who is posited in the 5th house, thus delaying your marriage as well as progeny. There is only delay but not denial. Since your moon is conjunct with Rahu, you are unable to finalise any issue, especially relating to your marriage. There may be scores of chances, but you have not availed. The opportunities comes in the life, but it is to be availed by us. Now Jupitor (Transit) from 22nd Nov.,07 onward will be transiting in Sagittarius rashi and from there it will aspect your 7th house. Presently Jupitor (Transit) is aspecting your 7th lord and Saturn before entering into Leo was over your 7th lord and you have missed that time. Now it is again this principle of double transit will be there after middle of January, when Saturn (Transit) will be retrograde and Jupitor (Transit) will be in lagna and having relations with your 7th house ( marriage house). Dasa will be Ketu-Mars-Jupitor (both antradasa and Partyantar dasa lord are marriage related lord). Now you have to avail this opportunity. This is available upto July, 2008, failing which, there is no possibility of marriage for another 2 years. Make compromise with yourself . However, you are advised to wear Moonga of Good quality in ashtdatu and also zircon in silver metal.

With best wishes,

(Kuldip Sharma)

Q: Hi, Please check the horoscope compatibility between me and my girlfriend. Following are the birth details: Me: DOB: 26th Sep 1981 Time: 08:47 am Place: Delhi Girl: DOB: 11th Sep 1981 Time: 10:37 am Place: Delhi The matching points are coming as 19.5 and there are a couple of doshas too. Are the doshas very harmful, can these be canceled? Are there any remedies? Please advice if this marriage will be successful from astrological point of view. Thanks
-- M S, India Nov 26 07
A: Dear M.S.,

Gone through both the charts and as per numerical value you have intimated is neither good nor bad, it is an average. There is Bhakoot dosha and other is greh maitri dosha and both are inter related because they are calculated by counting from each other. Their relative position is. 2/12 (harmony and love), 5/9 (progeny) and 6/8 ( Harmony and love) are bad as these position in between, shows lack of in built relations and love affection. Regarding other dosha, as its name signify Greh Maitri Dosha (friendship between the planets), if there is no friendship between the planets, the natives living under one roof does not enjoy fruits of harmony being their rashis are inimical to each other. We know Sun and Saturn are bitter enemy in the case of male, his Janam Rashi is Leo and rashi lord is Sun and in case of female her Janam Rashi is Capricorn and her Rashi lord is Saturn and being their rashi lord are bitter enemy and further more they are in 6/8 position, you will not be able to enjoy peaceful life. Secondly, in both the horoscope, their 4th house as well as 2nd house is afflicted by the presence of Rahu and Ketu and further aspect of Ketu and 2nd lord on Rahu ketu axis. Further confirms domestic unrest. Thirdly, both the charts shows some problem in the 5th house, i.e. birth of children. So I do not recommend the marriage between these couples. At least one horoscope must be good and nullify the bad effect of others. In the above case, both the charts are not matching, numerically as well as on other factors. With best wishes. (Kuldip Sharma)

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