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The Gate Way
-- Geetha Gopakumar

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Q: I am suffering from Lichen planus-skin allergy. I am on steroids for the past 3 months. but no relief. I want to know whether there is any slokas to recite to get relief from skin allergies? pls help
-- Rema, ind 09/22/09
A: Chanting Manthras and slokas, being spiritual and fastings,pujas if it done in a dedicated way may work, but medication is a must. Chanting manthras can help to improve one's life or to help secure what your heart desire's. The medication benefits will be high and speedy cure can be expected if you done spiritual deeds – no doubts at all. You can chant the below given Manthra for good health : “ Om! Tryambakam Yajaamahe Sugandhim Pushtee Vardhanam Urva ruka meva Bandhanaat Mrityor Muksheeya Ma amrutaat”

"Om Aaham Veshvanye Bhootva Praneenam Dahmakshiet Pranapam Samyukta Pchamyananm chat


Q: My kid is 2years old and we want here to start her education. So we wanted that to start with Saraswathi Amman blessings. What needs to be done and how to do it
-- srinivasan, india 09/22/09
A: This is called Vidyarambh. For south Indians this is a ceremony on Vijaya Dashami day/Dashra day as the auspecious day and time to do Vidhyarabh. In kerala etc. vijaya Dashami is considered as the end of 3 days puja. - the Saraswathi Puja by summoning all learing articles and tools to puja and to complete the puja three days back and to complete the puja on vijaya Dashami Day with the vidhyarambh ceremony - the new children who are yet to join school to perform this ceremony - giving vidhya blessings before Saraswathi - the Vidya Devi- Akshar Devata - for good education and knowledge and succe


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