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-- rajani rayudu

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Q: dear ammas,i am married for 2 years and now we are planning for baby.before marraige though people said i am looking good,i was on the fat, after marraige i had lost weight and i am ok now.but i am afraid amma,that if i get pregnant i will gain weight agian?i have seen all my friends here either they put wt when they are carrying baby or they put wt after thier delivery. and they wont loose wt ,although they do,only a little bit,they dont look like before.they dont do exercises b'cos of their children, they have spend their whole time with them etc etc.some of them eat too much during their pregnancies and after delivery (because they are feeding maybe?) but,amma i just want to maintain myself by taking nutritious,healthy,but not too fatty foods is that ok?because i cannot go for gim or do more exercises i hope i can do with a healthy chart?will you help me by giving good tips?thanks. mol,usa.
-- mol, usa 06/04/03
A: Dear mol,you are bound to put on some weight during preganancy,on an average 10-14 kg through 9 months.but soon after delivery 5-6 kgs is lost. breast feeding and doing household jobs helps you shed off those extra kilos in as little as 10-16 weeks,even without vigorous excercises or crash diets. now that you are planning for a baby,ideal diet should give you essential vitamins,folates,calcium,iron apart from calories.try not to overindulge in snackfoods,chocolates and icecreams,fatty foods,cheeses..etc.try avoiding vitamin a supplements once you conceive. i can suggest you a simple day to


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