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Q: Hi Ammas Sometimes when I'm logged on to the Internet,I get some weird POP-Up messages sent from some IP addresses giving their web sites addresses promoting product campaigns. Is there any way I can avoid these pop-up messages? Please help.
-- Meg, USA 02/16/03
A: Many internet providers have a pop up blocker option. If you use the option most (not all) of the pop ups are blocked. Ask your internet provider if they have the option. Many have this as a free service and some charge a little extra for it.

msn, NetZero, Juno etc are some of the providers who have a pop up blocker option.

If your internet provider doesnt provide this service, you can also buy or download such software.

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Q: What is lol. They use it in mesenger/
-- Sandhya, usa 09/26/02
A: Sandhya,

lol just means laugh out loud or laughing out loud.

for more acronyms, please visit…


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