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Indian Kitchen By Veena
-- Veena Bhavanam

Latest Beauty Advice

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Q: how do i do a pedicure myself at home?
-- tina, india 01/19/03
A: Hi Tina,

Here is a method to get professional pedicure at home

1)Remove your old nail polish cleanly with a ball of cotton dipped in nail remover.

2) Soak your feet in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes. Add Epsom salts or any other commercial foot soak. While soaking, take a pumice stone and genteelly rub the rough area behing the feet. Rub carefully.

3)Remove from water and wipe them gently with a towel. Be sure that the towel leaves no threads on the nails, or they may tangle with the polish.

4) File your toenails with the nails file. File vigorously back and forth. (The normal


Q: dear amma i have asked this quetion before but i didnt get the reply i want my upperlip hair removed,this is the first time . please tell me which is the most effective procedure .please do reply this time i am desparately waiting for the reply
-- xyz, usa 01/17/03
A: Hi,

Waxing is the best method to remove upper lip. Since its first time, it may pain for a second but you will not feel much.

Best wishes!!


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