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-- somayajulu sistla bhavani

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Sir, thanks for your response- but I have already indicated I want it in the US-east coast time- My engagement is already done-it is for marraige i am seeking counsel.
-- payal   04/21/08
dear friend, thank you so much for taking time for my query and giving so many details on it.i give my heartly regards to you.can i ask 1 last thing? about my elder sister who died on 19th dec,2007 unexpectedly.somewhere in my heart felt that she'll take birth in my family as my daughter.i luv her so much and i want her back.can u help in this matter?
-- mishu   04/14/08
Thanks sir ... Your advice helped me a lot. Regards Vikram
-- vikram   03/19/08
Thankyou very much sir, your answer is really appreciated as i have had an astrologer ask me for an astronomical sum to clear my kal sarp dosh. Could you kindly suggest any remedy'remedies for my ailments especially regarding not getting a proper job for quite some time despite being highly qualified and experienced....
-- Vivek   03/18/08
Thanks for taking ur time and giving the information
-- Rajiv   03/16/08
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